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ESB E-11 can o' worms discussion


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Since I will be submitting my next set of armor (ESB) up for approval early next year once I move back to Florida, I decided to make my last E-11 into a promo version.  BUT....

in doing a ton of research, I have come up with a lot of questions re: the CRLs, screen caps and other references and would like to get some opinions before I "move along" and to clarify a few items for others who may be doing this build.  Allow me to explain:


Let's start with the L2 requirement: "Remove D-Ring mount


As seen in the first two images below, D-rings were present, but in looking at the 3rd photo the red arrows show that in fact the majority had none, that there were no front "disks" at the muzzle end and that most of them look to be the "promo" types with the greeblies on the scope rail.   Got it.. time to break out the Dremel and make some adjustments!


fqVqaYF.png?1  ENRN7et.jpg 




Another requirement is that Remove magazine housing parts


The only reference image I could find for this requirement are on the Pugman.  All other images show them present in one way or another.  Because of this fact I'm not sure this should to be a CRL requirement based on one particular type of E-11.                                


dspYBY8.png?1  Za7FJ8F.jpg  ZsPqy62.png?1  HyWmGbA.jpg                       Xw1SNXl.jpg


Please don't take this the wrong way, and I hope someone with more knowledge of the Pugman than I have can step up and explain, but in addition to the absent magazine parts that particular scope is dissimilar to an actual M-19.  The end cap is much wider/thicker and the top profile is not the same.




I know it was created as a "background" blaster, but based on that distinctive scope it's profile gives it away, and I can't find even one screen cap showing one being used.


9GfYJLW.jpg  OzWDE5T.jpg  wTnmUEG.png?1  CnxdDMQ.jpg  


I don't know where this refence photo came from originally, but it also shows the front disc and D-ring.  :blink:




Those of you who know me are aware that I can get a bit OCD and I just want to get it right- so if anyone can provide any insight or opinions I would be most grateful!



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52 minutes ago, Troopacoola said:

Which are you going to build Joseph? The hero or Pugman style?


Definitely will be going with the straight promo style as I just bought an M-19 tank scope.  All I have to do is grind down the muzzle tip, add a bit of bondo/clean it up and remove the D-ring mount.  I will more than likely remove the raised section (below) but will keep the triangle section behind it. 




This is another reference presently in the ESB reference area that totally mystifies me:




It's a real Sterling, but not ANH (M-19 scope).

Scope is set WAY back.

Scope rail is "solid" but not like ROTJ.

Muzzle disk and D-ring/mount intact.

No ESB greeblies.

No T-tracks.. they are rectangular U shaped.

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