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A sad day for FISD


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It is with great sadness I make this announcement as we have lost one of our own.

Unfortunately Terrell Reber TK-1787 (SuperTrooper), know by many as ATA Affordable trooper Armor has passed away.

If you were ever fortunate to have spoken with Terrell, you will know he had an affect on people.

He had a way with words that made you feel like a lifelong friend, he was intelligent, talented, and believed everyone should have the opportunity to live out their Stormtrooper dreams.

Terrell is a huge loss to our community in many ways.  His service to FISD our members and the Legion at large will never be forgotten.


Rest in peace good sir, and may the force be with you always.

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Truly shocked and sadden with the news of Terrell's passing was only just speaking with him recently joking about USPS "express" shipping which took 6 weeks to get here.  A great loss to the stormtrooper community, thoughts are with his family and garrison.

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It is with a heavy heart that I mourn the passing of Terrell Reber, who was my XO for many of the early years of FISD and later became DL in his own right. In that time, he contributed his insight and wisdom in many areas most particular in the areas of armor, molds, and armor making.  He was the first person to find a legitimate, conflict free path to selling TE derived armor when he founded ATA.  It may be hard to believe, but there was a time those years back when a decent set of FX armor was $1200 and TE type armor was hard to acquire from a reputable person.  ATA changed much of that, and ATA set the bar for providing quality armor at an affordable price.  Hence ATA: affordable trooper armor. 


He was very picky about quality and hunted for plastic suppliers who would provide virgin material with the right shade of white.  He could have charged more and had a long wait list, however felt that would be against his principles.


These days there are many options for people to procure quality TE type armor at an affordable price, and we have a solid list of reputable makers.  It can be hard to believe that it wasn’t always this way, or that even having a public list of vetted armor makers was considered taboo.


With a glance at a picture, he could tell you the make of the armor or helmet and could spot all the “tells” that was uncanny.  He gave selflessly his experience and advice to FISD members time and again.

However, most of all I will remember him as someone who was always there to take a phone call when needed. Who gave selflessly to this hobby that he loved.


43 is just too young.  Buckets off, as I drain it of my tears.

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This is very sad news, especially at such a young age.

There are some wonderful things said about him above. I did not have any communication with Terrell, but he clearly made a positive impression on many within the community.

Buckets off. :-(

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I have not signed in here in a long while as i havent had a TK for a bit and am mostly engulfed in Boba Fett stuff....but i heard this news and i had to come here to say how much of a great guy Terrell was. Iv'e spoken with him countless times about armor, and Star Wars in general and even worked with him for a bit building his kits for members here. I only met him in person once at Celebration V i think it was. He was a true gentleman and it was great to talk with him in person that day. He will be sorely missed in the community. He was by far, one of the great ones. Gone way too soon. Buckets off for a more than great trooper :(

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Although I did not know him personally, I did however buy parts from him for my build. They were harder and sturdier than the pieces I had and I'm sure they will hold a long time to honor his memory.


Buckets off. :trooper:

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This is an extremely sad time for the FISD family.  My thoughts and prayers to those of you who Terrell had an amazing impact on in your lives.  His contribution to this hobby and the legion will go down in history.  He was way too young.  Buckets off to his family during this difficult time.

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Yeah, this sucks. I worked with Terrell for many years as an FISD staff member and got to meet him in person a couple of times at SW Celebrations. Sorry for the loss, and especially for

his kid who is now without a father. 

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