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TK 23410 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status (RS)


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Name: Kris Typolt

ID: TK-23410

FISD Forum name: Crampeat

Garrison: Titan

Legion Profile: https://www.501st.com/members//displaymember.php?userID=34008&costumeID=124


EIB Thread: 



Amour: RS PropMasters ANH Stunt Full Commission 

Helmet: RS Propmasters ANH Stunt 

Baster: RS Propmasters 

Boots: Imperial Boots 

Canvas Belt: RS Propmasters

Handplates: RS Propmasters

Neck Seal: RS Propmasters

Holster: RS propmasters


Height: 6' 0" (182 cm)

weight: 165 lbs


Front: FYrQyWk.jpg

Back: frhfz8g.jpg

Left HSIeOr6.jpg

Right: Rz4FBUD.jpg

Left Detail: 5QqpTz9.jpg

Right Detail: xvrFj2N.jpg

Cod: vlVBouS.jpg

Bridge Detail: gnlwrMJ.jpg 




Thigh: Sb16cUU.jpgAzt761x.jpg

Backs Filled in for Centurion: aKYIvu7.jpg


Sniper Plate: pqzCQII.jpgHRi0dvN.jpg

Wrist: zrLOVq9.jpg

Ab Buttons: kSEVb60.jpg

Posterior: l9fWgoW.jpg

Helmet Front: RWsuNCu.jpgG6TfDTB.jpg

Left: vvuQgTE.jpg

Right: 8wlViCG.jpg

Back: xVbaLwk.jpg

Hovi: NrCXASd.jpg

Trim: uCM0SEr.jpg

Screws: hsgOn0g.jpg

TD: eYUzdfK.jpgZNPY5tg.jpg

Hand: ngtApUD.jpg

Belt/Holster: GjjrFsr.jpgsCM9QbZ.jpgIy4FR9C.jpg

Boots: AN02jMi.jpg

Blaster: iahmRWQ.jpgvUG2BKi.jpg6aMSwh6.jpg

Action Shots: eUNuumn.jpgkajhZET.jpg

Helmet Off: VgSjOjF.jpg


Thanks to all the DO staff for their help with adjustments, especially the sniper plate. Let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks!

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