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I recently modeled, printed, built, and finished my Rogue One E-11. Some time ago, I created a Rogue One accessory kit for my Sterling SMG model. I knew at the time that a true Rogue One E-11 was not built on a real Sterling , but an S&T Sterling L2A1 AEG (airsoft replica). I didn't have one at the time, so I created the kit to work with the model I had. It was good enough for basic approval, but not for higher levels. Not being one to leave well enough alone and move on with my life, I ordered the airsoft gun, an Evike Sterling 55 round (short) magazine, an actual Element Airsoft M300A Mini Scout Light, and an accurate replica of the required SDS power cylinders. I constructed my model using direct measurements from these items and built realistic functionality into the assembly. After much discussion with the experts here and fine tuning of the model, I give you a proper Rogue One E-11!


Functional features include:


Moving and resetting trigger
Functional selector switch
Functional folding stock
Reciprocating false bolt
Functional end cap latch
Removable end cap
Removable magazine
Functional magazine catch/release
Functional reset button on the Hengstler
Hollow scope with clear lenses
Removable barrel
Provisions for mounting some electronic switches


Accurate S&T Sterling L2A1 AEG replica
Accurate 1943 M38 scope replica
Accurate small eagle Hengstler replica
Accurate SDS power cylinders replica
Accurate Element Airsoft M300A Mini Scout Light replica


Here are some pictures of the airsoft and flashlight I purchased.







Here is the research and modeling thread.


Here are some print/assembly progress photos.







Here is the finished blaster.







If you have a 3D printer or access to one and want this blaster, the files may be downloaded for free here.



The assembly and instruction manual can be found at the link above under the "Thing Files" tab, but you can view it directly here.



If you want this blaster but have no way to print it, I have a few available.


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Still amazed by the work you put into this project, once again thanks for sharing and all of your hard work :salute:

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