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Weipertr requesting pre approval review(RS)

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Looking ok for basic, you cold move your arms upwards a little, forearms are touching your handplates, also even the gaps at the elbows on both sides.


For higher levels you could reduce the gap between shoulders and shoulder straps.


Good luck with approval


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54 minutes ago, Weipertr said:

Tried to upload more pictures but its not letting me.

Forum only allows a certain amount of images, most of us use a free online image host IMGUR,  upload your photos then copy the links into your post, here is a how too


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So I stick with my original assessment, should be ok for basic approval, arm and shoulder adjustments would be good as previously mentioned



To be knit picky for higher levels

The corners of the plastic belt should meet the width of the belt. Also make sure the drop boxes align with the end of the plastic belt, not the cut corners 

  • The corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle that that meets the outer edge of the cloth belt.


Butt plate is being pushed back a little, tighter strapping or perhaps some V tabs may help



Brow trim is twisted on the back. Decals don't fill all the top traps but they are decals, may be mentioned for higher levels



Brow trim down on one side, even out



Fabric belt looks a little loose or high on your side left side, may not be secured correctly. Sides of kidney plate are sticking out over the ab, adding some pieces of plastic behind can help hold them inwards



On sides your kidney and ab plates not matching at the top. Also belt loops a little wide at top so they hang on an angle



Backplate looks to be being pushed outwards at the top, maybe tighter strapping to help bring it in and up a touch



You could also add some ABS paste between the gaps on the lower ridges of your thighs. Also TD is not quite central or it could be as you are on an angle to camera

20211024_150237 (2).jpg




These are all just suggestions for higher level clearance so don't panic just yet ;) 


Good luck with approval

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