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Voice Changer for Female

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Hello! My wife and I did our first troop this weekend and had purchased the TRamp units. While we’ve customized the remote buttons, she’d really like to talk and not sound like a female voice. Does anyone know a unit that would help her achieve this?





TK 92222


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Hey John! Great trooping with you and your wife the other day! I don’t know any female TKs that use a voice changer, but in looking for voice changers for Vader a while back I discovered that they do make voice changers for online gaming that allow you to change voices from male to female and vice versa. Most will probably plug right into your mic and speaker system with little issue. You can check out Amazon to get an idea of what’s available, and make sure to check out reviews, as I’m sure some probably produce poorer results than others.

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You can find cheap voice changers online, not sure how much you'd be able to change her voice though.


There are Females voices in many of the new trilogy films so she is not alone ;) 

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Hi John, have you guys considered making a TK Talkie for her?  It is a build it yourself unit that has a voice changer, the ability to use buttons to play pre-recorded audio if you wish, and automated TK clicks and pops etc.  It is a do it yourself electronics project and fairly inexpensive.  I use one in my TK and get regular comments about how good it sounds. I have made 4 of them now for my TK, Gonk, and Jawa's.  

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