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Donostia, Capital of the 'Star Wars' Solidarity


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Donostia, Capital of the 'Star Wars' Solidarity


More than 300 characters from 'Star Wars' from Europe will parade on November 27 through La Concha and the Victoria Eugenia will host a concert on November 26. The legendary Albin Johnson will come to the events in tribute to the Blood Donors.


It will be a special weekend in which Darth Vader and his family will 'work' on behalf of blood donors. "Solidarity will be the engine of the meeting, but all of Donostia and Gipuzkoa will enjoy a unique show, with a parade through La Concha of more than 300 people from all over Europe dressed as characters of the saga, and a unique concert at the Victoria Eugenia, with the Filarmonía orchestra of Madrid, in which a new anthem will be premiered", says Andoni Serrano, president of ThePinkForce Foundation.


It promises to be a popular holiday, but getting here hasn't been easy. Andoni Serrano and his space hosts have been preparing "a unique event" for some time, but the pandemic has been complicating the process. Finally everything is finished so that that weekend of November 26 and 27 Donostia lives a peaceful and solitary invasion of Star Wars, headed by the American Albin Johnson, founder of the international solidarity organization 501st Legion and honorary president of the San Sebastian foundation, "a mythical character for us, who only travels to the big appointments", Serrano adds.


Return to the premiere theater
The space weekend starts on Friday, November 26 in the afternoon with the concert at the Victoria Eugenia of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir of Madrid, directed by Pascual Osa. "We don't forget that in that same theater 'Star Wars' premiered at the 1977 Film Festival," says Serrano. "It is a place full of magic for those of us who are followers of this world, and that concert, full of winks to the saga, will also serve to premiere 'The Pink Side Of de Force', composed by Álvaro Iglesias and Alberto González and adapted by Pascual Osa himself. " It will be a historic moment for the world fans of 'Star Wars' to premiere it at the Victoria Eugenia theater and in the presence of Albin Johson, who will give his only talk in Spain at the end of the concert."



Image of a similar parade in Salamanca. In Donostia you will go from Miramar to the City Hall.


The most spectacular and popular moment will be on Saturday, November 27, at five in the afternoon, with the great solidarity march of characters from the popular film series. The tour is of the Miramar Palace, which those days will be the 'headquarters' of the event, and the City Hall. "We expect about 300 characters from Italy, France or Switzerland, in addition to Spain, and a representation of the people benefited by the donations will also participate in the parade. We do all this with the Association of Blood Donors of Gipuzkoa, which celebrated 55 years of history last year, and we want to make visible some of those who benefit from solidarity donation, so there will be people from the Association against Cancer, Aspanogi or Alcer, among other entities. "


More than 20,000 spectators
The organizers of the event in San Sebastian estimate that the parade will attract about 20,000 spectators. "This is what has happened in other cities, such as Seville or Malaga, which have hosted similar events." The march will end in the terreza of the City Council, "place where we will pay tribute to all those who have accompanied Blood Donors in their history, symbolized in the oldest donor and in the youngest". And for the fans, a unique moment: the participants in the march, dressed in their costumes, will be made available to citizens to take photos on the terrace of the Town Hall.



The 501st Legion at the Victoria Eugenia on a visit in December 2019.


Andoni Serrano highlights the support that the City Council of San Sebastian, Donostia Turismo, Basque Tour and other institutions such as the Provincial Council are giving to the events.


The so-called Legion 501, promoter of these activities, was born "with the purpose of manifesting the passion for Star Wars, and took advantage of this potential to help in solidarity causes, usually focused on the little ones. Currently, at Spanish Garrison we are more than 800 members in Spain and almost 15,000 in the world."


More details will be known soon, but Andoni Serrano and those responsible for Blood Donors are already happy to officially announce that everything will be ready. What if it rains on the day of the parade? "There are suits that cannot get wet, but many others can, and the experience of other cities is that the 'imperial soldiers' fight against all odds," Serrano concludes with a smile.



San Sebastian
Sunday, 10 October 2021

Full story can be found here

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6 minutes ago, Chemi said:

In a word EPIC, awesome video

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What a great event...Although the weather didn't help (rain, wind, hail, snow...), almost all of us decided to parade...The best thing, we managed to raise a lot of money to fight against childhood cancer and make more children happy.:jc_doublethumbup:




















I gave Albin a FISD coin (15th anniversary)... I think he was very happy about it (my patch too:laugh1:).



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A few other photos







Story here


More images here


If you use Google there is an option to translate to English in the title bar, left hand side


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