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Psychotria's Stunt TK Build

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Big Brown Box Day happened this weekend! I have a set of ATA stunt armor and will be slowly working on this project soon! I'll be sure to ask plenty of questions and share photos along the way! I'll also see if my local garrison has plans for armor parties in the future too.

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Hi Eric,

Very few things more exciting than big brown box day!! Working slowly with pics and questions is the perfect way to go.

Really looking forward to seeing your progress, helping where I can, and seeing the pics of the first troop in your new armour :salute:

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Looking forward to seeing some photos soon.


Research is the key, if in doubt ask or check the gallery sections ;) 


Good luck with the build 

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Congrats on your BBB day, hope to see a build thread from you soon.

Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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Awesome to hear, Eric!  ATA makes a great kit and starting a build thread like this is always a fantastic idea.  We welcome all questions (no matter how small) and look forward to seeing a ton of photos!  If I could make a few suggestions:


1.  Get all your build supplies in order.  This will save you lots of time.

2.  Take... your... time.  I know you want to get it done and approved, but rushing leads to mistakes.  Trust me on that one.

3.  When in doubt, always ask before cutting/gluing.

4.  Posting photos-  I can't stress how important this is, especially if you have an issue.


We are here for ya' every step of the way and we've all been-there-done-that, so never be shy about hitting us up for assistance... it's what we do best!  There are a ton of references to use, and I have a list of tutorials under my avatar below that will help as well.


Looking forward to seeing your progress!   :popcorn:

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3 minutes ago, Psychotria said:

Thanks for all the kind messages! I guess the first question i have now is which part should I start on first? I'm really eager to work on the helmet, but want to build some confidence using the tools, cutting the material, getting to know the material, etc.


My personal preference is to start all trimming first. others prefer to satrt with the arms


this thread is about return edges and can be useful .


also you can check this useful thread











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Really any piece, the first is always the hardest. Been so long ago I forgot what I first started with, I think it may have been the detonator (yes it was just checked :laugh1:)



References for the detonator






Here are a few links which may be of help


Some great helmet references on Star Wars Helmets http://www.starwarshelmets.com/original-ANH-Stunt-Stormtrooper-armor-helmets.htm


And of course our Gallery Section, full of references https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/24-anh-tk-reference/


Golden rules:

Measure twice and cut once

If you know ask, there are no silly questions, only silly mistakes ;) 


Good luck

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