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LEGOeatPokemon's TM Snowtrooper Build

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Hello there!
Some of you might remember when I first came to this forum 2 years ago, I was searching for advice for a Snowtrooper before you guys helped me find courage to fix my TK:salute: . So now, in my quest to build one armor for each of the OT movies I've landed on ESB. After saving for a while for a Snowie I bought one from Troopermaster together with all the soft goods. Only need some small stuff, but I should be able to find it relativily easily.
This will probably be a slow build as I still have school and other stuff hanging around but it may pick up speed once I really start.

Now I have some questions;
-Does anybody have a good source for an ESB E-11? I've got a DLT-19 on the way and I already have an ANH one but I feel it could be good with a smaller, more accurate blaster.
-Does anyone have any opinion on E6000 plus? I know you should look out for fake ones but I think this is from the right company. I have a hard time finding any other E6000 in Sweden and would prefer not buying any outside the country because our customsservice is both slow and expensive. But if not, I can always buy from trooperbay or somesuch.


This build is also going to be posted on Blizzardforce and Nordic Legions forums.

Well that's it for now, see you soon!

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Looking forward to seeing the build


I've not seen E6000 plus so can't help with info there. Some reviews on this Amazon page, down the bottom https://www.amazon.com.au/E6000-Plus-570110-Adhesive-Clear/dp/B07QJDJYC6


With ESB blasters for Snowies there are a few options


Standard ESB Stormtrooper style, no counter or hengstler




Promo/ROTJ style




More images in this thread 


A few options for purchasing, recently these have been mentioned

3D printed 

Quest Designs (not sure if they can do an ESB style)



And JMC looks to do the ROTJ style greebles






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Thank you for the suggestions Glen! :)
I've ordered a blaster from Imperial Warfighters on FB (100£) and e6000 from amazon, the glue will probably come at the end of the month so I will work on something without that in the meantime.

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I have a rubber e11 for my esb tk which I bought from Sheartech in the UK, and I love it. Being rubber I am not nervous at all with passing it to kids (of all ages); I wouldn't say indestructible, but it's pretty close.

Re e6000 plus, I'm not a fan. In the UK it's very difficult to get hold of the original e6000 that is so popular, so I can't give a direct comparison, but I've e6000 plus at the start of my tk build and very quickly switched to alternative. E6000 plus is (to me) not much more than a clear silicon sealant, and not an effective glue (OK for things that don't need strength, such as ab buttons). I used Gorilla Glue clear contact adhesive on my tk. It's very easy to find in the UK, cheap, strong, and still easy (with care) to remove/disassemble parts when needed.
Hope that's helpful


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