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[41] TK-66744 Troop Log (Social Media Consent)


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[35] 26.11.2022 -- Comic Con Stuttgart, Saturday 




One last Convention before the winter break, with lots of guests: Austrian, Swiss, French, Ukraine, Malta and Dutch. 




Throughout the Day we went from one duty to the next, from one picture to another. Looking back, I can't remember much of the convention, just that it was pretty fun and I got to see lots of cool costumes.




One special highlight from Saturday was my marriage. I had a small photoshooting with a friend of mine and when we went to the Garrison booth, a visitor stopped us and handed us a 70's Kenner Stormtrooper figure as a wedding gift. We explained that we hadn't married, but they insisted we keep the figure. So, obviously, our next step was to get married in the eyes of the Empire, blessed by none other than the Emporer.




Now a newlywed I managed to miss the German Garrison parade and instead got to be the first Trooper for the group photo afterwards. It was an awkward five minutes in the middle of the picture space with no other troopers around, aside from our Command Staff who were doing their best to keep the area free from visitors. After the convention day ended, we went to the aftershow party and ended up dancing way too long, considering we had to get up early next day.




[36] 27.11.2022 -- Comic Con Stuttgart, Sunday




On Sunday we were less troopers, but that just meant more trooping opportunities for us, as there were lots of duties that needed to be done and fun to be had. 




Again, we met lots of other cosplayers and even got to be part of a second wedding: this time between Spider-Man and Deadpool and just as real as my wedding the previous day. 




Additionally, we supervised a Stormtrooper Building Event, this time I got to participate in the parade and had our group picture. Even though the previous we had 3 members of the Chaos Division present, only Sunday was an official Fireteam troop with TK-70815 joining me as a Stormtrooper.




As of now, most troopers I know are at home in their beds, trying to recover from anything between a simple cough and the C-virus. Even with my sore throat, the fun was worth it, as was the travel time and getting to see so many friends again. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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Am 3.12.2022 um 11:05 schrieb Sithping:

Awesome update Luca! 


Thanks! :D


Am 3.12.2022 um 18:23 schrieb revlimiter:

Congrats on the wedding Luca! Many happy returns on the day. :laugh1:

(seriously loved all the pix from it on your insta)


Thank you! Who would have thought I'd marry this young, lol


[37] 03.12.2022 -- NSQ Christmas Party in the Lasertag Arena, Hamburg




Time for the last trooping weekend of the year! I arrived with a terrible cough, half-frozen from the temperatures outside and with a lot of motivation to have a nice last weekend accompanied by DZ-15925, the current youngest member of the German Garrison, if I remember correctly.




The two of us had a slight debate as for who should get to carry the candy cane, but eventually the Jawa won that debate, by simply taking it and running away. All of our stun shots missed, so we didn't get it back. Instead my bruised pride got treated by the local medic. 




After the bacta infusion I felt a lot better, but that table was so comfortable, I simply fell asleep again, until it was time for the actual festivities. The food wasn't as good as anticipated, but we had free access to all the softdrinks one could need and the opportunity to trade merch. All in all a successful evening. 




[38] 04.12.2022 -- NSQ Christmas Troop in the Outpost One, Dassow




Start transmission. It's working? Awesome! Well, we're back at the Outpost One with some exciting news about how the NSQ Christmas Celebration was interrupted by the most interesting drama on the Death Star since the Alderaan Disaster yesterday. 




We actually stumbled across this Protocol Droid and whilst the cross-reference in the database isn't quite finished yet, I'm convinced that he's one of the droids they recently lost on Tatooine. Win One for the troops in shiny white over our dirty colleagues, who are stuck in the sun and the sand. 




Also, I managed to snag this amazing Selfie with Tarkin himself! He wasn't too amused, but was luckily unable to get my designation, so I don't expect this to come back to bite me in the butt-plate. Even more interesting was this old dude running around, though? Hasn't he ever heard of the uniform regulations we all must adhere to? Last I checked, Vader was on his way to deal with him, so good luck old man...




Aaaaand I just got my transfer request to Hoth because of the Tarkin debacle. Sounds like a boring planet, but maybe I'll get to make a Snow-Stormtrooper in my free time. Who knows, maybe I'll even get to pet a Tauntaun or stumble across a Rebel snowspee- wait what? Gotta report this in. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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[39] 02.02.2023 -- Star Wars Reads Day Lohmar




A small imperial delegation arrived to support a library and help motivate kids to read. The library itself offered StarWars lineart for coloring and several StarWars books that were read out loud to the kids. 




Whilst all that took place, we were exploring the library, reading some of the books they had on offer, interacted with the children and I took the opportunity to re-order some of the books. Before we left the library I took the opportunity to have a small break, as I'd had to get up at 04:30am just to be there on time. 




Despite it having been a small troop I'd had lots of fun and want to thank TK-61276 for being my ride and letting me stay at his, therefore making the troop possible in the first place. 





[40] 04.02.2023 -- Globus Bedburg 




Time to go shopping -- this troop was at a huge supermarket, so we took our time exploring everything on offer. There were banana (pistols), carnival costumes and several Grogu's on offer:




Sadly we soon ran into some custody troubles regarding the little one, as apparently, Mandalorians don't take too kindly to imperial troops buying their child. This soon escalated into a game of catch in the supermarket parking lot, where the Mandalorian was able to trade his child back. 




One special surprise that day was us meeting Lord Vader. I couldn't miss this opportunity and got to take a picture with him. Aside from pictures for our own entertainment, we also provided the visitors with pictures of and with us and there was a photo booth where one could take pictures in exchange for a donation to a local animal shelter.





[41] 05.02.2023 -- Retro Amour Dortmund




Having said goodbye to TK-61276 the previous day, I headed over to IN-88900 for the final troop of the weekend: the Retro Amour, a small convention for everything pop-culture of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Although pop culture of that time isn't something I have a lot to do with outside of StarWars, it was an amazing opportunity to meet up with various friends. 




Towards the end, as interest in us faded, we took the opportunity to create various new costume designs in a mix-and-match way. Pictured above is ID-14445 as Lord Vader. Truly a lot of fun and some of these should definitely be adapted and become part of the Star Wars universe. I personally took a great liking to ID-11813's general Helmet. 




TK-66744 signing off


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  • Morgi changed the title to [41] TK-66744 Troop Log

That was a busy weekend for you. ;)


And I now have a lot of improvements to make on my armor prior to the next troop. :rolleyes:

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