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[41] TK-66744 Troop Log (Social Media Consent)


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I give permission for FISD to repost my photos on social media in an appropriate fashion.


Because these were (and are) always a joy to go through, I decided to start one of my own. 






Number: DD/MM/YYYY -- Event Name

01: 03/10/2021 -- Annotopia Lüdinghausen

02: 30/10/2021 -- Saalbau Witten

03: 27/11/2021 -- Comic Con Stuttgart

04: 18/12/2021 -- Lichterfahrt Hildesheim

XX: 26/02/2022 -- Phaeno Wolfsburg

05: 05/03/2022 -- Sound of [...] Munich

06: 06/03/2022 -- Sound of [...] Munich

07: 02/04/2022 -- Power of the Force Cologne

08: 03/04/2022 -- Power of the Force Cologne

09: 08/04/2022 -- Sound of [...] Düsseldorf

10: 10/04/2022 -- Sound of [...] Dortmund

11: 29/04/2022 -- Star Wars in Concert Oberhausen

12: 22/05/2022 -- Galactic Days in the Zoo Münster

13: 04/06/2022 -- Wedding in Bremen

14: 17/06/2022 | 18/06/2022 -- 18th Birthday in Wolfsburg 

15: 25/06/2022 -- Cosplay Day Movie Park Bottrop

16: 02/07/2022 -- Benefizevent Wolfsburg 

17: 04/07/2022 -- Outpost One Dassow 

XX: 15/07/2022 -- Officer's Dinner Kiel

18: 16/07/2022 -- Project Area51 Kiel, Day 1

19: 17/07/2022 -- Project Area51 Kiel, Day 2

20: 05/08/2022 -- Elbenwald Festival Cottbus, Day 1

21: 06/08/2022 -- Elbenwald Festival Cottbus, Day 2

22: 07/08/2022 -- Elbenwald Festival Cottbus, Day 3

23: 20/08/2022 -- 14. Stadtteilfest Kiel Wellsee 

24: 10/09/2022 -- Fanfilm Premiere Kiel 

25: 16/09/2022 -- Noris Force Con Fürth, Day 1


26: 17/09/2022 -- Noris Force Con Fürth, Day 2

27: 18/09/2022 -- Noris Force Con Fürth, Day 3

28: 19/09/2022 -- Andor Premiere Cologne 

29: 24/09/2022 -- Cosplay Tage Speyer, Day 1

30: 25/09/2022 -- Cosplay Tage Speyer, Day 2

31: 01/10/2022 -- Annotopia Lüdinghausen 

XX: 22/10/2022 -- Photoshooting Belgium 

XX: 23/10/2022 -- Photoshooting Netherlands 

32: 28/10/2022 -- 18th Leverkusener Kunstnacht 

33: 29/10/2022 -- Celebration for a recovered Child; Wolfsburg 

XX: 29/10/2022 -- 40th Birthday; Wolfsburg 

34: 30/10/2022 -- Fleamarket Wendeburg

35: 26/11/2022 -- Comic Con Stuttgart, Saturday 

36: 27/11/2022 -- Comic Con Stuttgart, Sunday 

37: 03/11/2022 -- Tilta Lastertag, Hamburg

38: 04/11/2022 -- Outpost One Dassow 

39: 02/02/2023 -- Star Wars Reads Day Lohmar

40: 04/02/2023 -- Globus Bedburg

41: 05/02/2023 -- Retro Amour Dortmund


*Events marked with XX were troops not officially sanctioned by the 501st Legion; unlike with Legion troops, not all are represented in this listing 

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[1] 03/10/2021 -- Annotopia Lüdinghausen


If I had to summarise my first troop in three words, I would probably say "rainy, exhausting, awesome". The German Garrison appeared at Annotopia Lüdinghausen on Sunday with thirteen members. Whilst the event itself did not have a Star Wars focus, plenty of people still appreciated the costumes as we got to appreciate theirs.


I would like to thank all of my fellow troopers for helping me through the event and making it easy to ignore the rain, because I was having so much fun. A special thanks goes to TK-61276 (you might know him better as Tino) who took the time to help me prepare for the troop, then drove over and let me borrow one of his blasters. A huge thank you also for staying at my side throughout the troop and being the first to help me when I got a dizzy spell towards the end. Honestly the best mentor a new TK could ask for! Another thank you goes to TK-10868 (also known as Andreas) for taking me to the event!


And because we all love some pictures:








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[2] 30/10/2021 -- Saalbau Witten




On the 30th of October 2021 we met up at Witten for a Star Wars Reads Day, alongside a costume contest for the kids in attendance.


Although the event sadly wasn't as well-visited as anticipated it was still an amazing second troop and a great chance to get to know more people and costumes. It was a joy and a pleasure seeing all the bigger and smaller kids meeting their childhood heroes and very fun being able to play games with the kids and fellow troopers.





TK-66744 signing off


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[3] 27/11/2021 -- Comic Con Stuttgart




After an unwanted one month break from trooping I got to do one last event before Covid-19 starts shutting everything back down in Germany. Having to travel several hours, I got collected by TK-71384 and TI-31866 in Stuttgart for my largest event to date. Comic Con Stuttgart.




The German Garrison got represented by about 60 members on Saturday with a few members of the Rebel Legion joining us in representing Star Wars.



Picture credit: streetphotographer.me on Instagram


During the Event we managed to capture a high-demand bounty, overthrow the Emporer and hopefully recruit many new TKs.




I got asked to take hundreds of pictures, totally forgot to take some photos of my own and met so many amazing people. In this field report are some of my favourite pictures that I confiscated from several unsuspecting fellow con goers.




TK-66744 signing off


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  • Morgi changed the title to [3] TK-66744 Troop Log
vor 4 Stunden schrieb Sly11:

Great photos Luca, looks like you had a blast.

7 more and you will have your first milestone badge :)


Thanks, I definitely had an amazing time and regret that I couldn't be there on Sunday as well.


Well, as today marks my three month anniversary of getting approved and I've got a total of three troops so far... I'd say we give it another 7 months for me to finally get that milestone badge :laugh1:

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[4] 18/12/2021 -- Lichterfahrt Hildesheim




As a last troop for the year, I participated in the Lichterfahrt und Carshow Hildesheim, a light parade throughout the city for around three hours. As with the CCon Stuttgart, I met up with TK-71384 so we could travel together -- and have a photoshoot done before the troop.




Once more we showed some imperial presence, got to see eyes light up as we drove past with salutes and the Imperial Marsh or dancing along to the Cantina Band.




All in all a very cold and very cool event and I'd love to participate again next year, even if I've undoubtedly caught a cold.




TK-66744 signining off

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[X] 26/02/2022 -- Phaeno Wolfsburg




As our originally planned troop was cancelled due to the corona, TK-71384 had the idea to ask the Phaeno Wolfsburg if we could visit them in armor instead. The Phaeno (an experimental science museum) was enthusiastic about this and not only agreed but even gave us a changing room on such short notice (less than 24 hours).




Despite remaining an unofficial troop we had lots of fun, with this being TB-70815's first troop since joining the 501st with his home-made Mandalorian Biker Scout and a TK recruit's first ever troop in armor. His 501st basic approval pictures were taken that evening and we're all hoping for a speedy approval.




The visitors greatly enjoyed our presence and we hope to get an official troop at the Phaeno organised soon. Until then we've already got several other troops with each other planned.





TK-66744 signing off


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[5] 05/03/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Munich, Saturday Evening Performance




Having a trip to Munich for a visit with TI-28112 planned for this weekend, we decided to use this opportunity to not only work on his TK armor, but to also troop together for the first time since Comic Con Stuttgart.




Said troop was a concert with Hans Zimmer and John Williams music, which contained the Imperial March as the last song, during which we marched onto the stage.




This troop was special in many ways, as it was my first concert troop, my first troop with Germany's South Eastern Squad and SL-93820's first ever troop. I also got to properly meet TK-14469 for the first time, which was something we'd both been looking forward to since we first got in contact.




[6] 06/03/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Munich, Sunday Evening Performance




Going for two out of five performances in Munich that weekend, we were fewer TKs this time, but with another guest from further away -- TK-71384 happened to be nearby and joined us not only for an informal photoshoot that afternoon in both her TK and her new TX, but also for the concert that evening.




Being one out of two TKs who had done this event previously, I got to lead the troopers onto the left side of the stage (right side of the picture). As done the previous evening, we afterwards assembled in the foyer, so the guests could take pictures with us, before a hasty suit-down, due to strict time constraints.




That night I only got four hours of sleep before traveling back for about eleven hours, but it was very much worth it.



TK-66744 signing off

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  • 4 weeks later...

[7]Power of the Force Cologne Saturday



Starting the day off strong with an imperial welcome, the halls filled up very quickly.




With an overwhelming Mandalorian presence due to Emily Swallow as a guest star, our Imperial Forces did their best to promote peace, justice, freedom and security for the convention. We escorted guest stars, arrested rebels and patrolled the grounds.




Having constructed the Throne Room the previous afternoon, we took turns guarding it and letting people take pictures on it, whilst simultaneously keeping watch over the con.




It was also an opportunity to meet, re-meet and make many friends and provided us with an opportunity to take a very special picture of the (to my knowledge) currently youngest members of the German Garrison (me), Dutch Garrison (TI-75208) and Swiss Garrison (ID-19551).

picture to follow as soon as we can find it


[8]Power of the Force Cologne Sunday




On Sunday, there were fewer visitors, but not less of an imperial presence.




We managed to (almost) arrest a clone defector, took over the Throne Room, got caught by His Imperial Majesty and after miraculously being let go, we returned to patrolling the grounds.


TBnJM9z.jpeg boTEn3e.jpeg


Our Captain ID-56347 helped us document our activities by not only leading our patrol to our escorts, but by taking holopictures of our activities. Included is one of my personal highlights with TK-71384, TK-14469, TK-10868 and TK-91917.




TK-66744 signing off


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  • Morgi changed the title to [8] TK-66744 Troop Log
Am 7.4.2022 um 08:17 schrieb T-Jay:

Looks like you've had a busy weekend... :D


Always two there are, no more, no less. That being said, here's busy weekend number two.


[9] 08/04/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Düsseldorf




Once more we got to give this concert an imperial touch by appearing at the Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Concert, this time in Düsseldorf.


Travelling together with TK-71384, we joined the German White Shadows for a showing of the first concert half, before using the break and second half to change into our costumes and take silly pictures together.




Upon entering the stage, our TKs had a short problem with direction, startling a few laughs out of concert goers, when some had to go back and walk a different route.


After the concert we got to take pictures with the visitors, which, after the slight TK mishap earlier, turned into a lot more silly positions and bunny ears than expected from a concert.


Ending the troop with a group picture and a race up the stairs to the changing room between me and TX-75555 (I won and I'm not too sure if I ever want to sprint up three flights of stairs in armor ever again), TK-71384 and I finally arrived back at my place at about two am.


Am 6.4.2022 um 22:09 schrieb revlimiter:

That running photo is absolutely fantastic!


No photo from our race up the stairs, sadly. I'm starting to think that the best things are never captured on camera, so I'll have to add it to the list of "only eye-witnesses will ever believe it happened" right underneath laying down in armor :laugh1:


TK-66744 signing off



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[10] 10/04/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Dortmund




Going for my fourth concert troop, I once more got to enjoy an amazing first half with my fellow troopers, changed into armor and then waited for half an eternity for our cue to enter the stage once more.


This time there were few to no silly pictures and instead we got a pretty cool group picture -- although getting all of us up the stairs was a bit of a challenge, so Vader, the Emporer and their guards took the elevator.




After I got warned that I should not pull any crazy stunts like... I don't know, running up the stairs or dancing too much, the Emporer and I took the opportunity to dance a little to the echoing music in the waiting area before once more entering the stage to the awed faced of the audience.


My favourite moment of the troop came afterwards whilst taking pictures with the visitors, as an old lady came up to me and a fellow TK, asked us if she could take a picture with us, before condifing that this was a dream of hers come true. Before leaving us once more, she told us, that she wanted that picture put into her grave. Honestly, that moment touched me, and I don't think I'll forget that lady and her sweet smile for a very long time.


TK-66744 signing off


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  • 4 weeks later...

[11] 29/04/2022 -- "Star Wars in Concert : RotJ" Oberhausen




Just over fourty members of the German Garrison trooped for the Star Wars in Concert in Oberhausen. Having met up in the afternoon, everyone was ready and in costume by evening and got to spend the next fourty minutes or so goofing around as we waited for the visitors to be allowed to enter.




We were available for pictures (no chance to walk even a few steps without being stopped for photos, it was amazing) and for fun interactions with the visitors.




Not only that, but we also got to walk up the orchestra two times -- once before the beginning of the concert and once after the concert -- so people could take pictures with and of us not only during the break and before the concert, but also in front of the stage with all troopers assembled. In between that we got seperated cubicles where we could stand and watch the movie. A huge thank you to the people in the lounge right next to ST-72603 and I for the constant popcorn and soda supply!




Having started the troop by walking up five flights of stairs in the wrong direction, we prefered to use the elevator afterwards to move us from the changing area to the main floor and back down for the wait backstage as the second Death Star exploded and we were about to appear in front of the audience one last time.




All in all it was a very cool evening with amazing guests and very fun troopers. Special shout-out to our trooper with the camera: TX-75555! Also a huge thank you to his girlfriend. Without those two this troop log entry would be a lot more boring.




TK-66744 signing off



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  • 3 weeks later...

[12] 22/05/2022 -- Galactic Days in the Zoo Münster, Day 2




On this weekend members from several clubs united to spread the love of Star Wars in the zoo and to raise money for charity. We got to walk around the zoo, interact with the visitors, march a parade and have fun with each other.




Despite temperatures higher than expected and less clouds than announced, we took this opportunity to interact especially with and for the young fans. We got asked to take hundreds of pictures and got photographed doing silly stuff all over the area.




I found a new friend in CC-75367 with whom I ended up spending almost the entire day melting in the sun and goofing around. From trying to hold onto the monkey bars to going onto the swing, we both explored the playground as much as our armors allowed.


https://i.imgur.com/1q8qcfV.mp4 | https://imgur.com/a/yvDSR3S


(Yes, that's me on the trampoline. No, there were no cracks afterwards. Maybe my helmet almost flew off of my head.)




For lunch we got ourselves some crepes, before realizing that unfortunately those are quite hard to eat with your bucket on. So we took a short break before going back to arresting rebels and causing mayhem spreading peace, justice, freedom and security.




All in all, an amazing day that left me exhausted, grinning and not sure how my armor survived everything.



TK-66744 signing off



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  • 3 weeks later...

[13] 04/06/2022 -- Wedding in Bremen


To make their wedding celebration a bit more special, the newlyweds decided to have a surprise appearance of some troopers of the 501st Legion. We were handed four bounties and questioned them on their Star Wars knowledge.


Being the first trooper to enter the celebration, people were pleasantly surprised to see me catching the first guest (well, some of them, others were a bit confused and some even tried to tell us those weren't the guests we were looking for). We then send in reinforcements ten minutes later in the form of a second TK, before our officer appeared another ten minutes after that. I was just interrogating the last bounty when Vader appeared. Afterwards we got all questions answered without any troubles.


We then mingled with the guests, interrogated some more, stood guard for the couple and took some pictures with the guests, before getting to appear out of costume for the celebration. As one of our bounties had actually been considering joining the 501st already, we had a common topic to talk about, before I decided to leave the party a bit earlier than most.


All the best wishes to the newlyweds and thank you for this troop opportunity!


No pictures as of yet, and I'm not sure if I ever get access to any, as this was a private event, so this troop log will have to do with a written-only report for now.


TK-66744 signing off

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[14] 17.06.2022/18.06.2022 -- 18th Birthday in Wolfsburg




Given that I turn 19 in less than half an hour, I suppose it's only fitting that my last act as an 18 year old is updating my troop log to include my last troop as an 18 year old -- an 18th birthday, where we presented the car the lucky birthday girl got.




In costume by 23:45, official start of the troop at midnight. Certainly the weirdest time I've trooped so far. We were waiting a few houses over out of sight (confusing the occasional car driving by), until the Imperial March sounded and we marched ahead of the car up the street to where the birthday girl was receiving her well-wishes and gifts as soon as she turned eighteen. We then presented to her the car, took a lot of pictures and got to join the celebration, including all the fun stuff they had set up: Pizza, soft drinks, swings and a pool... Without actually going into the pool.




We stayed until roughly 2am before heading back and changing out of costume. TK-71384 and TK-92227 were nice enough to let me and TI-30813 stay for the night in their guest room, whilst IC-60720 headed back home. Overall a very fun (if sleepless) troop with some of my closest trooper friends family, thanks for making this possible! All the best to the birthday girl and we wish you safe travels with your new car.




TK-66744 signing off



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  • Morgi changed the title to [14] TK-66744 Troop Log
Am 21.6.2022 um 05:15 schrieb revlimiter:

Happy birthday Luca!! :salute::dancing-trooper:


Thank you! I got some E6000 and other useful stuff :lol:


[15] 25/06/2022 -- Cosplay Day Movie Park Bottrop




Once a year the movie park hosts a cosplay event with hundreds of costumers from all types of fandoms, including 45 troopers from the German Garrison with ID-14445 as a guest from the Dutch Garrison.




He, ID-56347, SL-76589 and I patrolled the grounds for ten hours despite temperatures at 27°C, joined by a few other troopers depending on our patrol round. We took this time to take (serious) pictures with the visitors and provide a constant imperial presence. Additionally we tried (and failed) to keep a bunch of excited Jawas under control, despite managing to arrest one of them at the beginning of the event.




Our failure at keeping them under control did not impede our parade in the afternoon, which was led by Lord Vader and... Lord Vader? The heat must have gotten to me, I'm seeing double.




I also got the opportunity to take a picture with Lord Vader (SL-8646) and some other troopers, despite spending most the day with Lord Vader, my Captain and the General.




All in all a very exhausting day with some very good friends. I do have to notice one casualty. Despite my predictions that ten hours without fans in such heat would be exhausting, my body held up better than my gloves, which got an emergency duct tape fix on the inside by ID-56347 after ripping at several points and will now have to be replaced.




TK-66744 signing off



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