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Potential New Trooper...eventually


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Welcome to FISD, Kristin.


The link from Greg is a good place to start your research and check the 'list of vetted makers' to find your supplier.

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Hello Kristin and welcome to the FISD! :)
Have a look into the boards and you will find what you are looking for. 
If not don’t hesitate to ask whatever question you have. 

Don’t be afraid of building or modifying your armor. 
You need only a few simple tools to do this. 



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Hello and welcome to FISD.

I think if you have limited tools or skills, you can ask someone more experience build TK here in forum as commission.

Alternative purchase assembly costume, you can order from maker like RS Props.

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New members always welcome, check out the Costume reference library (CRL) for ANH and ESB stormtroopers it might help too. Some makers only supply certain kits and some supply both. 

Do all the research I.e. material used, size of kit, what you will need to complete the kit, soft goods and most of all price.

if you have any questions please post them up.


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