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Troopacoola's JMC E11 Build


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Another easy assembly. Drilling out the rear of the D-ring mount allows for fitting. 

Then it was just a case of installing the ring mount to the end cap.


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Sorry for the lack of updates. I will post more soon! In the meantime here is a sneak pack at the Pugman style ESB kit I am working on making. Some of these parts are reworked casts from ( and with permission from ) Mark at Shear Tech .


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Back to the ANH E11.....
The trigger assembly the most solid resin piece in the kit. Saying that, there is still no need to grind any resin out as there is plenty of room to fit the trigger. There is a great tutorial on this in the Blaster ref Guide, which is how I fitted my trigger. A nice little extra is that by following the ref guide you can have a working trigger function with the aid of the small spring which is included in my kits.

The grip was cleaned up and the hex bolt fitted. in this case the bolt is resin. However, I supply all replacement metal bolts and screws etc in the kit.

Next was to drill out the hole for selector switch. If you wanted to have this functional you could always drill the opposing side, fit a small bolt into the switch itself and then fill. 

With a little more work, you could even install a rotary switch to add that "click" to the selector. This is a really good feature and works a treat and is also an option that BlasFX offer. In this example the selector switch for BlastFX are shown. I have also added an example using black and beige resin parts assembled so you cam see the components, along with my method for adding age.

Once the trigger assembly was complete it was time to fit the grip.

The grip slides nicely on to the assembly and is secured with adhesive. Once dry, the holes were drilled into the assembly (indicated by the holes in the grip) for the almost final components. The metal grip screw and "cap" were then installed.

With the trigger guard installed this assembly is done.


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