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TK 23410 Reporting In

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Hello everyone,


Kris Typolt here chiming in from Garrison Titan. I got approved last week but the start of the school (teacher) and having a newborn around means my free time has been a little short.


I was the perfect age for the 1997 release of the OT and growing up my favorite figure was Han Solo in stormtrooper gear. Now I'm 32 and have finally become that stormtrooper myself, well stunt not hero.


I ended up getting an RS commission but the minor tweaks I've done have gotten me excited for EIB and centurion levels and have got me wanting to build something myself.


Thanks to everyone for being very welcoming and helping in the pre-approval thread. I can't wait to get trooping.





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Congratulations! Looking forward to your EIB and Centurion applications. :)

Do you have a preference what to build next? Maybe a DLT-19 blaster? Maybe a FOTK executioner? :D

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