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Hello there... from Fort Collins, CO

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Hi friends.  I'm a life long Star Wars fan.  Everything changed when I was 7 and saw Star Wars in the theatre for the first time.  I've been collecting helmets, building models, lightsabers and recently my own floating Jedi Training Remote ever since. 


I finally made the decision recently to go full in and begin the journey to join the 501st as an Imperial Stormtrooper (ANH).  Hello Mountain Garrison!  I've been doing research for about a month now and am just about ready to pull the trigger on my armor.


I've narrowed things down to RS Props which I've purchased a helmet from in the past and Dave's Darkside Depot.  Still trying to make that decision.


I'm 5'11 205lbs - 34 waist so I'm hoping those measurements would work for RS Props?  I did read that I might want to look at Dave's?  Curious if anyone had an opinion?  Maybe a good kick in the butt to lose 10 lbs. lol


Just purchased my E-11 (SDS) with BlasFX from TRamp -  That thing is awesome!


Went way down the rabbit hole today researching helmet customizations with iComm, Hovi Speaker system and Henry's helmet fan kit.  Whew lots to figure out there.  Will be a good project when I have my lid in hand.


Whew... well looking forward to digging in and making this a reality.  Any suggestions or areas to focus on would be greatly appreciated.







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Hello and welcome aboard, RS is molded from an original set of armor so is accurate in size and dimension. The average size of the actors in ANH was between 5'9" - 6 foot tall


A great resource thread can be found here


Good luck with the research and hope to see a build thread from you soon.

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Welcome to FISD Bobby!

Great to see you have done some research, plenty needed in this hobby that's for sure. Glen has shared a great link with you from another member who spent a huge amount of time putting together some great information all into one thread.

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Welcome, Bobby! You’ll be off to a good start with the aforementioned resources! I’m hoping to resume my TK build here shortly after a hiatus of about half a year due to working three jobs by myself in an office that was previously three employees. Be sure to post lots of photos and ask questions in a build thread, and you’ll have all the help you could want.

p.s. I’m jealous of your CO location. I was up in RMNP last month and greatly enjoyed the weather. And the scenery of course.

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Hi Bobby,

You've certainly been doing your research!!

I can't talk about those two suppliers from personal experience, but there are a lot of guys on here that have used them before. Best advise I can give is to contact them both and discuss your measurements and requirements in detail, but I've not head of a costume yet that hasn't needed some small degree of tweaking. If that's the case then don't worry, the help you'll get here and through your local garrison is second to none. Ask lots of questions and post lots of pictures, and you'll be trooping in no time.


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Hi Bobby and welcome to the FISD. RS Props are chosen by a lot of people and is a really good choice. I personally purchased mine from RWA Creations in the UK as I wanted to build it from a kit. I can highly recommend them. It may sound daunting the prospect of building it yourself but you get a much better result because it will be exactly made to your body measurements. A bit like the difference between buying a suit off the peg or having it made by a tailor. I do believe RS sell as kit as well. The armourers here or your garrison your joining will help you every step of the way. It’s not as hard as you may think. Good luck with whatever you decide and look forward to seeing you in a TK.

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