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CallMeMrTibbles HWT build

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Looks like you nailed it!  (Figuratively, not literally, lol).  Nice job!!!  :duim:



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6 hours ago, CallMeMrTibbles said:

Pouches getting there3ef7bf455c62c76772f9b84fa3471c96.jpg

Looking good, FYI the only sewing I normally do on these are just down the sides and the center seams, usually the glue is enough but I like the added strength :D 



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Steady progress.

Hoping to get some spraying done today and source the other half of the funnel


Waiting on a reply from my garrison armourer to know if the stitching is OK. If yes then should get all three pouches finished this week.





And my SE14R is coming along (pics from RDR who are building it for me)



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The SE-14R blaster has arrived from RDR. Love it. Can't decide about weathering (not done any of that yet). And it has a real working scope!



Pouches are finished, and the pack is almost there except for a little padding around the hole to protect the back armour and weathering. Pics to follow.

Hoping to collect gloves from imperial warfighters this week (in person to make sure I get the correct size). Pauldron is on hold from Clive at Burkbench as he's in quarantine so can't ship anything.

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Here's front and rear pics of the finished pouches.



Pack finished except for weathering.
I've used grey primer for the lighter parts with a matt top coat. I've seen that some guys used a blue-grey, but the screen shots just look grey to me. I've fitted the screws on the bottom left panel of the radio box that are just visible in the screen grab. Padding on the back is to protect the back armour. Silver d rings are to clip the straps on.





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Looking good. I think though comparing your vented box to the button box the vented box is a little large, if you compare to the references, I think the sizing on the diagrams are a little off, something I may bring up at a later stage.


Nice work on the pouches :duim:

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Here's the first pics of an almost complete kit up.

- Helmet is still my esb (messaged Ross to order an anh stunt)
- Drop boxes need to be made removable
- Pauldron not arrived yet
- I'm not happy with the fit of the pack straps yet
- No weathering yet

ther than that it should be all there.


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37 minutes ago, Goggytalks said:
Looking very good Richard. Do you have a special holster for the SE14?
Have you worked out a way of weathering the armour and cleaning it off yet?

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Thanks mate

No holster for the se-14r. HWT doesn't have any holsters as you have ammo pouches either side of the belt, and usually you're carrying bigger guns (like a dlt). I've seen some people that have put gun mounts on the back pack, but those aren't on the crl so not clearable (unfortunately).

Most likely I'll be trying charcoal powder and hairspray for armour weathering, as that comes up in a few places, but haven't tried it out yet.

Also need to build up the courage to weather the se-14r. Hoping to speak to some guys on troops this weekend for hands on tips


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Looking good, nice work.


Just in case you aren't aware, one thing if (when) you will be applying for EI and Centurion you will also need to remove the UKG branding from your shoulder bell, unfortunately it is required for higher level approval and many have had to do this in the past, some even purchased another shoulder bell as they didn't want to replace their original branding, could be an option ;) 

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