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Hello am 6’5 300 size 16 boot I see a Lotta armor for sale online for people to do it for a living and just want to get thoughts also having a hard time finding the boots I’m in the Tampa Bay area of Florida USA

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AM or RT are best for the taller trooper, a few threads of info for you:


Boots will a little more difficult for size 16, I would suggest trying to find a pair of Chelsea type boots and recolour white.

You could also try Crowprops who do make to order, not sure if he goes up to 16 though


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At the moment I’m out to be a hospital and don’t have time to go through all the great posts I’m wondering when you get your armor and your whole suit how do you get it approved to join the 501? I found a few people that make the armor ready to go which makes me happy but it’s not cheap hate to spend a lot of money to not be able to be part of the 501…

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Hi Spike,

I'm 6'4", and I feel your pain.

I'm a little lighter at around 210lbs, although I was 260lbs when I started my armour build.


I got my armour from RWA (in the UK), but I did build it myself. I ordered their XL armour, and at its biggest size it would completely swamp me at 260lbs. There's a company in the UK called Trooper Stuff...




...that build commission suits using RWA armour, so that's a possible source for you. Pretty sure they ship worldwide, but best check with them.


Be aware that even ordering a fully commissioned suit may require some final work by you to get it to fit exactly right. Don't be put off or worried by that though. Regardless of how handy or experienced you are (or not!) there's a lot of people here (and in your local garrison) that want to help you achieve your goal. You just have to ask.


All the best mate.


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