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Electronics in a DLT-19

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I'm hoping to order an RDR dlt-19 in a few months (getting the cash together, plus he's redoing his moulds).


I was thinking of adding blast fx electronics, and have realised that there's no scope on the standard dlt or anywhere else obvious to fit the screens.


Anyone fitted similar kits and how did you approach this?




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In the past I've used toy guns and taken the electronics out, very small circuit boards, add a high bright LED so it fills the barrel with light and also add small disk flat batteries to save on space, they do last quite a long time. This one.also had a vibration motor, can feel it through the gun.


This is an old build so I used AAA batteries. I also tried a few MP3 boards which are quite small, just a case of adding a switch and LED.


I also add a speaker jack so I cam run a cable to the Aker amp.


If you are interested the build is a basic scratch build 





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  • 4 weeks later...


I'm going to be installing the Blast FX in my 3D-Props DLT within a few weeks. Just completed a cross country move and my hobby bench is not set up yet.

The 3D-Props blaster was printed with an opening on the bottom just forward of trigger guard. This is meant to fit the rectangular "info / shot count" screen from Blast-FX.

And you're right. There is no place on a "real" blaster for a scope display.


I've hummed and hawed about where to put the two display screens as I don't think a "real" DLT would have it's display on the bottom of the blaster. Not convenient for the user...


My possible solution:

On the back of the rectangular box (left side of receiver) I am going to drill a hole to fit the scope display. The hole will be as close to the top of the box as possible.

Just below this I will install the rectangular display. The rectangular display will sit slightly below the lower edge of the box, so I will have to jury-rig some kind of housing for it so it blends in.

It won't be screen accurate, but it should look good and will be "functionally" correct as both displays will face the user.


I'll try and post some pics within a couple days of the basic set-up.



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Hey Richard.


Managed to get the DLT and Blast FX stuff out.

I haven't worked out  a power source yet, so no power on images. You can easily find these on the web, but I have a build in the DLT forum that I will be updating soon.

Not sure how large your DLT side box (is it a power source for the blaster...?) so your results will vary.


This is the Blast FX red filter for the scope display. The scope display is a very small digital piece, maybe 1/4 inch (ish) square? It sits under the filter so it gets a red hue, then a convex glass is placed on top to magnify. The magnifier is exact same diameter of the red filter. Mine filter is just stuck on for the pics. I don't think I would need to drill a hole this size. I would only have to cut out a square big enough to fit the digital display. Wires will feed into the hollow receiver where the power source will be.




This is the main display just held in place. There is about 1/8" gap between the filter and main display.   It would actually be rotated 180 degrees so the wires come from the right and feed into the blaster receiver. It almost fits the space perfectly and would only require minor surgery to the blaster. I'm not sure if I'll cut a big rectangular hole so the display sits flush inside the big box, or just glue it on the face with appropriate holes drilled in the receiver to the right for the wires. If I do the face mount I would build a small frame with plastic strips around the display so it blends in.


I think this is a good option for a "DLT Integrated Aiming and Display Unit ( DIADU ) that faces the user. Still working on the name :)



From the side. The display sits about 1/4 inch below the lower edge of the box. I'm thinking I will build a ramp or wedge shaped piece to blend the display into the bottom of the side box. Once again, a frame will be built around the display with appropriate greebly add-ons so it looks purpose built.



Kinda like this. If it is painted black it will blend in really well with the side blaster box.



Hope this helps with ideas.

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Cool. Thanks for this :Laser:

Are you planning to install the magnifying lens over the red filter?

I wonder how it would look to have the scope display without the red filter and magnifying lens(?) Obviously small, but I've only ever seen pics of it on in built blasters, and wondering if it would be smaller / easier to fit without the filter and lens (?)

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I should be installing everything.

After seeing the scope display without the magnifying lens I see now that it still looks cool, and would simplify the install somewhat. I may get away with cutting a small square window for the scope display and mount it about 1/2" inside the box body. As you'll see in the pics below, you need the lens about 1/2" to 3/4 away from the display for best image. I'll have to see if this works with the display inside a rectangular cutout.

I just jury rigged a power source by stealing a battery cartridge (holds 3 AAA batt's) out of a cheap flashlight.

The scope display is actually 1/2" by 1/2 ", not 1/4 like I stated earlier.

Main display is 1/2" by 1.5".


Jury rigged power:



Scope display: The wires point out the back, so they had to sit on top of the box.

Now that I look at it, it's not bad without the magnifying lens. There are several different display types. This is a simple dial spinning around, with little bars on the side that jump around.



This is with clear magnifying lens only. The lens is held about 1/2" in front of display. Closer to display and there is no magnification, further away it becomes distorted.

If this is mounted in a scope (like an E11, which I also have a kit for...) then you would need to mount the display in the scope probably 1/2 to 3/4" away from the lens.



Same, but with lens and an evil red filter! I'm sure if you want the cool red color you could find some clear red acetate sheet and cut to size?



Both displays. The shot counter does not have a red filter but you can use same red acetate sheet if you wanted. It's personal choice what look you're going for: Both white, both red, or variations of red and white for an interesting contrast. There are also several different visual effects / options for the main display. I also have my TK # in the bottom right of the display window. 





Great! Now I'm itching to finish this beast! It's been dragging on for over 2 years. 

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