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Advice on re-adjusting and placement of shin armour strapping

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Hi everyone,

I’m going through the pre-approval process for my RS armour. The build is great and fits really well, apart from the notoriously temperamental hooks for the shins. These are already coming loose which is reflecting in my pre-approval photos. 


For the moment, I’m looking to follow the advice in the below video from Richie Stormtrooper. 



So the help I need is:

1. How to reattach the strapping to the correct position so they line up properly

2. Getting the length correct so it’s not too lose/tight


Thanks in advance for you help/suggestions. 





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Hi Spartan, thanks for responding. Basically, the hooks on the shin elastic are already coming lose. I’ve removed them to restitch/reinforce them in the same way Richie Stormtrooper does in the video I link to on my original post.
I’m new to all this and this is my first adjustment as it was a commission build so I just need some guidance on how to best reapply the elastic to the shins for the best fit. I’ve attached an image as requested but let me know if you need me to take anything specific.
Thanks again. 92d486333eb344062d1fd4397f151632.jpg

Sent from The Empire

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Thank you Tim.  please take a look to this Build thread that explains exactly what you're looking for.  (go to the las part )



Hope this can help you and don't hesitate in asking again if you need assistance. We are here to help.   :salute:






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Hi folks,
Just picking up this thread again as I’m just in the middle of redoing my shin strapping due to wear and tear from trooping. When I redid them last time, I always found them a little tighter than the original fit that RS did for me. I wouldn’t consider myself as overweight but I’ve always had quite chunky legs. 

So, to ensure a more comfortable fit, am I right in assuming that if I glue up to the yellow line instead of the red line that will give the elastic more flex to stretch over to the hooks. Probably a silly question but from my experience doing this so far, what works on paper doesn’t always achieve the right results in practice.


Thanks all,

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The longer the elastic (shorter glued area) should allow some more give, it will be a case of trial and error though as you want them to still fully close.


If you watch closely in ANH in the TantiveV hallway you will notice a few open rear shins ;) 



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Hi all,
Does anyone know if there is an effective way of reducing or clearing the old glue on my shins before I add the new straps?
I’ve tried sanding it down but that didn’t really have an effect. I then thought I’d try and lightly dremel at a low speed but sensed that may for south so stopped so any other ideas would be great.


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You could try soaking in a warm bath with salt, the salt helps to dissolve the glue, it's like if you get super glue on your hands and eventually the sweat from your pours helps to remove. I've also hear putting in the freezer can help to make it brittle, but you would still need some leverage.


Other than that it would be slow dremmel or hand sand or E6000 over the top, that glue sticks to anything ;) 

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8 hours ago, OperatorAF said:

Are cover strips required for ANH stunt Front and back of thighs and calves?

Yes they are, when in doubt check the gallery sections ;) 




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