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Riddo1708 TK Hero Pre-approval request

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Hi Adam,  Welcome to FISD.


What a great looking armor sir. Easy basic pass but almost ready for higher levels !! 


Good luck and looking forward for your approval  to the 501st   .  EIB and Centurion Apps in a nearest future :jc_doublethumbup:

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Nice work, a couple of things you could adjust

Belt is very low on the front, you may also notice on your left front some frayed thread from your belt

Chest plate.jpg 

8XAwYOf.jpg?1  Nvimd6R.jpg?1  N8trEfM.jpg?1



Looks like you may have trimmed a little too much from between your teeth, this may be picked up at higher levels, only way to fix would be add some ABS paste to these, sand and polish. Vocoder sides are a little high too.

Helmet front.jpghqJia7w.jpg?1



 KKZqeB8.jpg?2   9ZBQOLM.jpg?3  


Also when taking photos it is best not to do these in full sunlight, a well lit area inside with a contrasting background works best, your GWL will thank you for it, makes editing your photos for membership profile so much easier.


Good luck with approval




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