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TK-31184 Requesting ANH HERO status Pologne

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Mandatory information 


Costume: Stormtrooper ANH HERO

Costume CRL link:


Name: Joachim Stock

TK ID: 31184

Forum name : droL

Legion profile:

Garrison/Squad: BGNT, Tornacum Squad

Amor: Darek Wojtow (Pologne)

Helmet: DarekWojtow (Pologne)




Height: 195cm

weight: 85kg

Boots: Imperial Boots


Armor Pictures


Full body front
























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Hi Joachim!  I assume you are submitting for EI (Expert Infantry), correct?  If so, I will edit the title of your thread.  Also, you are missing quite a few photos!  Please check out this thread (link here) for a list of all you will need, and I look forward to seeing them!

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Posted (edited)

hello yes I have read the rules.  I just have a problem putting the other photos.  I'm doing this as soon as possible sorry

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Hi, If you are posting your photos directly into the post, you may experience some size problems.


I would recommend to use some image host app and then post the direct link to the photos the post.


This tutorial could be useful. check it out 


Let us know if you need some assistance.  







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Hi Joachim, and thank you for your submission for ANH Hero EI!  After reviewing your photos, there are a few items that need some work before we can move you along, sir. 


Please note that as stated in the CRL Text descriptions are only one part of the guideline. GML’s and costumers must consider both text and pictures (CRL and Reference) when reviewing the costume. .  As D.O.s this also applies when reviewing submissions for Expert Infantry as well as Centurion.


Starting with your bucket- 

You have applied for ANH "Hero", and while the ear bars have the correct number of bumps (3), unfortunately the faceplate on your helmet is that of a "Stunt" and is ineligible for approval for Hero EI at this time.

Allow  me to explain:

The Stunt version has one (sometimes 2) extra "divots" (recessed areas) on each side of the frown as seen in your photo (see red arrows), while the Hero versions clearly have only 3 ***.  Can this be changed?  Yes.  For my own Hero helmet I modified the Anovos version by filling in those extra recessed areas with ABS paste.  It was a LOT of work, I won't lie, but it can be done.


***This is thought to be because the 6 Hero versions were made of ABS weeks after the 50 original Stunt helmets were made from HDPE and that the molds had suffered damage.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Reference images

tEkDlQ6.jpg  d0YikjF.jpg      KOHsQzP.jpg?1  zRPRO81.jpg?2 EVbRqCL.jpg?2


We are suggesting that the interior "nipple" areas on the rear of the inside of your Hovi-tips be painted white.


                                                                                                    Reference images

 4LQosTk.jpg         HBLGgjl.jpg?1  9jAHTkP.jpg?1  NM7GJN1.jpg?1


Hero ears tend to be much thinner at the top than the Stunt type, so we are strongly suggesting that yours be trimmed down.  (The bottoms could be taken in a bit as well).


                                                                                                                       Reference images

o66hrEJ.jpg         NN6KZOO.jpg   SaVMgKY.jpg  0ymxnOp.jpg  rNQXyaD.jpg


We are also asking that you re-paint your tears and traps.  As seen in the reference images, the tears had 7 or 8 long thin lines as opposed to 5 short thick ones.


                                                                                                         Reference images

4pVWN4a.jpg?1                tNuFnF0.jpg  gNXuUPd.jpg   BBj0dPH.jpg  ildkwOc.jpg


The lines in the traps should be lengthened as well.


                                                                                                  Reference images

kiaMKre.jpg          IJBBmug.jpg  6R2QTIK.jpg  wXPVGrW.jpg


As seen in the reference images, the "Han" snap needs to be replaced with the correct one.


                                                               Reference image

3kFwLZW.jpg?1              p4vo8Cl.jpg


As listed in the CRL. for Level 2 the TD screws must be slotted (not Philips) and be painted black.  V head screws are not permitted.


                                                 Reference image

gsgTawX.jpg             FBmx4lO.jpg


We noticed a small anomaly on your chest plate.  It may be the lighting or camera angle, but there appear to be bumps that look like nipples.  If they do have these bumps they will need to be sanded down, as there are no screen references showing this feature.




We realize that you have some work ahead of you, but you can do it and know that we are here to help, and if we can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to ask!

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I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately the ears will have to be replaced for Stunt, sir.  The Hero ear bars have 3 bumps, and the Stunt version has 4.  There are also 3 screws in the top rounded section of the ears as opposed to 2.  I would suggest getting in touch with your armorer to see if they can supply the correct ones if you want go for Stunt.  ;)


                     Hero                                                    Stunt                                            Hero                             Stunt

Xy1rdm5.jpg?1     voSZS2h.jpg          QdeBm2k.jpg?1   bUDwsL1.jpg?2


You would also need to replace the canvas belt, as Hero holsters have 4 fasteners and Stunt has two and there can be no holes in the belt.

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