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Tat2trooper TX Anovos build thread

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I am one happy trooper right now. My skull bucket finally arrived.

Easy hovi tip swap.

Slapped the new trim in and looks good. Be careful around the teeth area of your bucket because its pretty thin there and can crack easily.

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5 hours ago, tat2trooper said:

Who better to get advice from then the CRL himself @ukswrath for this build. Thanks bud.



Glad to be of assistance and great to have you over today. 

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Posted (edited)

popped stitch out so I can make a new strap to slide on the belt. Also went back and colored in the white stitching black.




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Just now, ukswrath said:

If you run into troubles with the elastic peeling away I suggest using nylon webbing and rivet them on.

That was going to be my second option if this just doesn't do well. I already feel little iffy about the stability of it. But am just going to roll with it until it fails I guess. 

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Put the pouches on my belt just to see how they felt and looked and they look pretty good so far. Still going to do a reinforcement strap on it also.



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