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Brew12's ANH Stunt ATA Build Thread

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14 minutes ago, TKSpartan said:

That is perfect, thank you! I was under the impression that the ears on all of the helmets almost touched the traps but one of these clearly shows a gap. If I trim my ears to fit that high, I will end up with a very thick ear section at the top of the tubes. I think I will get a much thinner profile if I let it drop down around a 1/2". It also helps show where I can trim more of the bottom of the helmet. This is exactly what I needed!

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You can never have enough magnets, clamps or tape, in fact I have another 150 magnets since this photo and double the amount of clamps 

My issue was completely self inflicted. I had intended to trim the front edge of the outside bicep piece. Unfortunately, I thought I had the top edge to the right but it was actually to the left when

Thanks! A few weeks without the good stuff will give me time to practice my forum skills!

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