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TK 18112 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status (AP) (500)

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Congrats! You did it! A great accomplishment to become the 500th Centurion from the 100th Garrison - Cebu Scarif!

We are proud of you! 

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I'm stoked to see a lady win this huge honor as our 500th - representation matters, and it's even better when it also showcases EXCELLENCE in this hobby!


Great work and welcome to Centurion! :D

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Congratulations, Trina!! So excited to see us make Centurion #500 and echoing others that I'm also personally very excited to have another woman reach this milestone.

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Posted (edited)

Joined the 501st Legion in 2018, became Expert Infantry in 2019 and now… the 500th Centurion.


This was something my husband and I wanted to achieve for the longest time but a lot of things - planned or unplanned happened. When I saw the forum thread of less than 10 remaining slots before Centurion 500, I pushed myself to work and submit my Centurion application and inched my way into the first 500. I remember panicking while seeing the other guys getting approved one by one and I’m like here still working through project deadlines. But this girl is a goal-getter and finally the most coveted badge is now under my name. I am deeply honored to join the elite ranks!


But this would not be possible without the support of you guys… FISD, Detachment staff and DOs.

I truly appreciate all the hard work and time you give for advices and suggestions to improve each and everyone’s armor. Even the simplest cheers from fellow members gives that extra boost of confidence. All comments and suggestions listed by Sly11 are well-taken. Thank You Very Much Everyone! (in Filipino: Maraming Salamat!)


Special thanks to Sly11, TKSpartan, TheSwede, justjoseph63, ShaSha… and to NINJAM0VE for achieving our #AdulthoodDreams together.


Slow clap to all the men and women before me… the Strong Centurion 500. We all did it! Congratulations FISD! Cheers! :peace:


Well, it seems I’m not too short to troop after all. :dancing-trooper: 


- TK18112

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Congrats Trina, and way to represent Filipinos everywhere, and as Justin said, also our outstanding female troopers! I'm a dual citizen living in the States, and eventually after getting Legion approval I'm going to be seeking out some Philippine and Cebu Garrisons merch. Again, excellent job on your build!



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