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TK-9593 Requesting ANH STUNT EIB Status (RS) (APPROVED) 2nd

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t54uUtZ.jpgName. Brett white 



UK Garrison 

Armor kit. Rs propmasters 

Boots. Imperial boots 

Blaster. Sheartech E11



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Nice work just a couple of things you could updatel:


You do have a small area of the trap which could be painted




Tube stripes ideally are a pencil width from the cheek.

You have a large gap under the brow on one side, the way to remove this would be to bring your front plate further forward (would mean disassembly, slot screws, then reassembly).

Mic tip angles could also be straighter, both are angled inside and upwards. 




"Han" snap could be closer to the corner



Butt plate is being pushed backwards allowing a gap.

You have a gap between the ab and kidney, perhaps some tighter strapping

Drop boxes should be aligned with the ends of the plastic belt section



Thigh ammo strip rivets could have been a little further away from the corner (but would only be a recommendation at higher levels). Curve cut is not usually a full curve, stops before the end of the curve



Angled cuts on the belt should meet the outside edges of the fabric belt. Button cover would be closer to the ends, it may just be the image but the center button looks a bit lop sided 

  • The corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle that that meets the outer edge of the cloth belt.




Belt appears to be on an angle, could be the way the photo was taken or you may be leaning

Small opening/overlap of the kidney to ab plates

Personally I would cut the excess from the forearms as you may find they catch

There is white writing showing on your gloves



Great work all around, just a few tweaks.

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Hi Brett, and thanks for your submission!!

Before we can move ya' along we need a few additional photos, brother.  


1.  Lens color (backlit).


For these, we are asking that you get suited up:


2.  Clear. close up of left ab/kidney connection .  (Your current one is a bit blurry) ;).



                          nGDqFA5.jpg?1    PYuH3uj.jpg?2


3.  Full body pics should be as shown below, with the arms at your side for the front and raised for the side views.


                  1.                                         2.                                  3.                              4.                                              5.

                  9mvPhe5.jpg?1      33qV9z0.jpg?1      bBBO20R.jpg?1      PqvX1T5.jpg?1     



It may be the photo, but it looks as if you may have a crack in your lower ab plate.  If so, this may be something you want to address before it gets worse.  Also, the top of your left glove is peeking out under your wrist on the left.  


Ic2jI6P.jpg      9lDiYys.jpg


As soon as you can get those photos in we can start on getting you approved for your second EI badge, and then onto Centurion!!!  

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Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to give my application the once over. I totally forgot to add the back lit helmet pic!  I'm pretty sure that it's a thread from the belt on the abb section pic but I'll take a closer look when I get the opportunity to kit up for some new photos . Also missed the glove sticking out. ....I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks again. 

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  • gmrhodes13 changed the title to TK-9593 Requesting ANH STUNT EIB Status (RS)
22 hours ago, Cleantrooper said:

Please let me know if we need to add any additional pic's. Thanks. 


Hi Brett, It looks like required  photos were submitted. Joseph will be with you shortly .  Good Luck :salute:

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Hi Brett, and thank you for your application for Expert Infantry!


CRL and EIB Application Requirements

All required photos are now in and, after review, we are pleased to welcome you to EI... again!  On behalf of the entire DO staff, congratulations on your SECOND award !!  :salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly

In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor.  Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions.


Just a few notes here... mostly small nuances, but it's these sort of things that add up to a more screen accurate look.  (Thanks for adjusting those drop boxes, by the way)!!  With 2 builds under your belt, nothing you can't handle! ;)


Since you have the extra material, we are suggesting that you trim off the large tabs from the ends of the shoulder straps.  Not a requirement, but just to make you more screen accurate.


                                                                                                                          Reference images

MIXU2pu.jpg         D9a0jtM.jpg?1   NLro0o9.jpg?1   9rDKgSW.jpg?1


Your "Han" snap is sitting farther away from the corner than we like to see.  ;)  To avoid having to fill a hole, you can remove it and drill one closer to the edge and let the side of the new one cover the old hole.  

                                                                                                              Reference images 

EpL3iE3.jpg           wojREMP.jpg?1  SYPG4FU.jpg?1


The traps in the rear could use some of those awesome paint skills you have.  The tops/top corners should follow the indentations a little closer.


                                                                                                              Reference images

ym8gHY6.jpg                 WP4FGNm.jpg?1   cSXjfKZ.jpg?2


SXhEajr.jpg                Y4T75cr.jpg   oOAdDCW.jpg




Centurion Requirements

In this section we prepare you for Centurion. More photos may be requested in the future that allow us to make better decisions on possible adjustments. If there are any areas of concern they will be discussed here.

Because Centurion photos show much more detail than EIB, items to pertaining to Centurion might be seen there and not here. We try to point out all that we can from what is seen, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper



Although the black outlines are super crisp and clean, we need you to fill in the right trap above the ear to match the one on your left.


                        Right                                                  Left (perfect)!                                                                                      Reference images

GbWE0pa.jpg  9TCWjTV.jpg            ZNBBXVw.jpg?1    7MMjRXa.jpg?1


The paint on the upper part parts of the vocoder should cover the tops of the raised areas completely.  Easy fix!!


                                                                                                  Reference images

z7MQ4FN.jpg             0Xx7Xd1.jpg?1   ntP5Hfs.jpg?1


The tube stripes on your right side are pretty close, but the ones on the left will definitely need to be a bit closer.  The ideal space between the top of the line and the cheek is a standard pencil width.  If you like, I can send you a set of decals, no charge.  Just PM me if interested.


                                                                                                                                                                   Reference images

mQcszvd.jpg?3   npTLUWB.jpg?2      cnnWRGx.jpg?2  rtCL63u.jpg?1


As stated in the CRL, ideally there is "...no gap between the ab and kidney plate".  The tops are spot-on, so I think just tightening up your belt a bit would do the trick!


                                                                                        Reference images                                                                                               Reference images

hIIbT4n.jpg      R2SzvCS.jpg  wNXAqHA.jpg?1      XNxulTU.jpg      zuafYzO.jpg?1  Wfpveda.jpg?1


2 quick items on your TD.. The plate is sitting too far back toward your armor and should be moved back.  The top should also sit evenly with the belt.  Instead of getting new clips or moving the plate, you can re=shape your existing clips as seen below which would solve both issues!


                                                6uUSXpn.jpg?1     LA01iaa.jpg


                                                                                                           Reference images

                        qyV9vTd.jpg?1 6cJcPFq.jpg?2 SMx3U7X.jpg?1


Another CRL requirement for Level 3 is that the "..corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle that meets the outer edge of the cloth belt".  This should be a fairly straightforward fix by just trimming the ends as shown below.  The square button covers should actually be closer to the ends of the belt, so doing this will kill 2 birds with one stone.


                                                                                         Reference images

WBfsRrZ.jpg            QgpGj1P.jpg  3267GTv.jpg



As mentioned in your thread, there appears to be writing on your glove just above the hand guard.  This is easily removed with any product that removes sticky residue.




Last up is the Hengstler counter on your E-11.  It may be the photo (as the blaster is on an angle) but it appears that the bottom is sitting right on top of the folding stock below it, when ideally it should sit around 1 cm above it and be a bit more vertical.  The rear should be centered right above the center of the rear bolt just as you have it now.  I know that the Shear-tech is rubber, but I have seen other examples of those that have the counter higher.  I think just removing and re-adjusting it should only take about 10 minutes or less and will give you a much better looking weapon.


KoB1E9u.jpg          rRt4dG4.png?1  SPotN6t.jpg?1


And that's it, brother.  You have another great looking set of armor here, and with your previous build experience we have complete faith that you can address the above issues with ease.  After that, I look forward to seeing your submission for Centurion soon!!  :salute:

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  • justjoseph63 changed the title to TK-9593 Requesting ANH STUNT EIB Status (RS) (APPROVED)

Wow that's amazing. Thank you so much for the time taken to scrutinise my application,  no matter how much I think I may know or see i absolutely love the attention to detail that makes all the difference. Building this RS kit was a lot of fun and to achieve the E. I. B  means a lot. Thanks to ALL the staff who makes this what it is . Hopefully I'll see you soon ;)

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  • gmrhodes13 changed the title to TK-9593 Requesting ANH STUNT EIB Status (RS) (APPROVED) 2nd

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