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Quackenabush's Build-ANH Stunt (MTK Armor)

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Hi everyone, let me tell you a little bit about why I'm here. Along time ago , especially in dog years, in a galaxy far away, the next county over,  I began volunteering for Special Olympics. I have really enjoyed the times I have spent with my ladies and gentlemen over the years and learned about the joys of giving.  Along the way I started liking comics and after awhile I went to couple comic cons.. I would see a lot of people in all kinds of costumes and loved getting my picture taken with them and to talk to them about their costumes and what it took to make them. Also around this time I was reading a lot (far more than I do now) and found a wonderful source of books called a  public library. 

I went to the library for a couple of years and got to know a couple volunteers and regulars.. One day one of the librarians and I were talking and she mentioned that one of the younger volunteers wanted to have a comic con.. I immediately volunteered to help out and helped organize  some Magic, some D and D and got a hold of my local comic store owner then of to the races we went.. The small town pubic library con was a terrific success..  Soon after I went to a con in Pittsburgh with my daughter(her first con at the age of 15) and I told her that there was gonna be a bunch of Star Wars people there.. We got to the con and we bumped into a couple of Stormtroopers  and she got her picture taken with them ,this was my first interaction with the 501st. I got the chance to visit at the table with other troopers(while my daughter waited in line to meet Jenny Weasley) and learn about what the 501st was about..

The next year I was head of organization for the  library's con and I knew just who to request first.. The 501st showed up and made the small town library comic con so much better.. The next year we expanded into our local high school and along with more vendors , a bunch of new tabletop gamers  willing to teach anyone who walked through the door how to play and of course the friendly 501st( the high school band marched then through the hallways to their table playing the theme from Star Wars).  We have had 3 years of cons with the 501st and I have finally decided to join up and have fun with another charity organization that is so cool..

Last spring bought a MTK ANH trooper kit and I have made good progress so far but  I still have a long way to go.. first I have almost finished my helmet and would like to post some pics so I can get some feed back from the White Armor Forum along with my local garrison members.. Thanks for being patient and may the force be with you.



boots 2.jpg

helmet 1.jpg

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Hello and welcome aboard, most of us use an online free image host IMGUR, just upload your images there then use the "direct link" to each photo, copy, paste directly into your post




Looks like you will have to remove a little bit of paint from your gums Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. 

helmet 1.jpggallery_12157_36_21761.jpg


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Welcome, Corry!  Looks like you got a great start on the helmet :duim:.  Having your own build thread like this will help out a lot, trust me.  You can (and should) ask all the questions you need to as well as post up lots of photos to show off your progress!


If I could offer a few tips, they would be:


1.  Have all your tools/supplies in place and at the ready before you start.


2.  Take... your... time.  Rushing leads to mistakes.  When in doubt, always ask for advice before cutting or gluing.  Posting photos of any issues will be especially helpful.


3.  If you are (hopefully) aiming for higher levels (info. here) of screen accuracy after Basic 501st approval, it's much easier if you shoot for them right from the beginning.


4.  Since you have an extensive history in libraries, research is second nature so use that to your advantage, but know that we are here for ya' and never be shy about asking for advice.  It's what we do best here on the FISD. 


I have a few links/tutorials under my avatar below that may help as well.  Best of luck on your build, and I look forward to seeing your progress!



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Hi everyone .. Just dropping a few more pics of the semi-finished helmet.. I am also wondering what the thoughts are on my forearms..

1. Im not sure if the right foreamr is a little long..

2. I am 160lbs and 5'6" tall.. So Im short and scrawny for a storm-trooper..

3. The forearms are definitely loose , so I am considering padding on the insides..

4. Hopefully the strapping ( when installed) will also help with the fit and feel for the forearms..

5. First is right second 2 are left..

Please let me know what you think.. Thanks.






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Just a few things:


You have quite a large gap under the brow trim, to get rid of this you would need to bring the front plate further forward, (remove ears, slot screw holes and move forward)

 WI2bP5F.jpg?1  Mcn1ygN.jpg?1  oZJo3tr.jpg?2


The tube stripes ideally should be falling from top on the front



You will also need to remove some paint from the gum area around the teeth

Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area




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Looks like you may have trimmed a little too much from the teeth/gum area. I would add some tape behind those and apply some ABS paste, then sand and polish.

Over trimmed  Excess paint



How to make ABS paste 


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Hi everyone.. I have taken apart my forearms which would have only fit Popeye..
1. Is it reasonable to trim along the bottom forearm ,where the red line is. on both sides to make it smaller for me..? as advised the length is fine..
2. The cover strip i have for this piece is 14mm and if i trim i will not have the entire flat surface where the pieces meet to lay the strip..
3. How much of an issue with attaching the strips would this cause..?
4. I have begun making paste to repair the over trimmed teeth..
Thanks ahead of time..
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When posting images try to use the "direct link"



Normally you would not trim down the raised areas, I have ATA armor which also have the raised sections and my forearms are too big, all you can do is add some foam to the insides to make it sit central on your arm. The gloves will fill the opening at the front.

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