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FISD 2021 term plan

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Greetings fellow members




My team and I are privileged to serve you all for another term.

For me personally, this is an honor and I am truly grateful and humbled by your continued support.

Many of you already know me and understand the direction my team and I are working on driving this great Detachment, but for the benefit of all our newer members that have joined this mighty establishment recently, I shall start this address off with a brief on who I am so everyone can get to know me a little better.


I also understand that those who do know me, missed the opportunity of a Q and A as part of the process, so this allows me to give you the plan for the new term. We also have the benefit of an extra 10 days where the detachment does not stall for the Q and A or the voting process, so we are immediately at work to bring you the forum experiences you all deserve.


From this, we will move on to some details of how we grew last year and then my vision and planning for this new term.

TK11469, forum name Sly11, Andrew Franke. Centurion, a 7-year member of the 501st and 8-year member of FISD.

I am a big nerd who loves Star Wars and anything to do with Stormtroopers from the OT TK’s right through to the current day First order TK’s.

I am proud to be a member of the Legion and honored yet again to serve this Detachment with everything I have. Being a people person, FISD and legion have given me the ability to help hundreds and by now thousands of others both in our community and out there in the charity field. I am personable, approachable and friendly.

Just like so many here, my love of Star Wars began as a child in 1977, and that feeling is still as strong today as it was all those years ago. Being able to dress in Stormtrooper armour and continue to spread the joy and love of something so dear to me is an absolute privilege and something we can never take for granted.

I have served on Garrison staff as charity officer and our CRC (costume review committee) assisting the garrison GML in costume approvals.

Here at FISD, I have served in the following positions.

Attaché, Deployment officer, Detachment XO, and Detachment leader. Every one of these positions has been an absolute privilege and opportunity to make these forums a better experience for everyone.

Let’s talk about last year and the 2020 term.

A year that affected all of us globally, restricting the ability for members to troop, let alone leave their homes in many cases. It was tough there is no doubt. It became very apparent that we needed to do as much as possible to keep FISD the place to be with activity and support for our brothers and sister around the world. I had a plan, the mission was to execute as much of it as possible but be flexible in understanding how we could keep you the members involved and your minds off the difficult times surrounding the globe.

I was amazed at how our members stood up to be counted and were indeed part of the 2020 journey, troopers helping troopers was not only our motto but firmly became the hallmark of FISD. You are all so resilient.

We gave a facelift to the forums, a splash of colour with forum header imagery.

We created the First Order Battle Group, consolidating the entire First order knowledge into its own sub forum. A place to shine and not get lost in swathes of OT TK posts, yes a proper home long overdue and well deserved to strengthen our community and be stronger and inclusive.

A massive forum cleanup effort is still running to declutter and restore lost images. I don’t want to rest on this as there is still much work to do and I believe my team is headstrong in completing this (Phase One) stage of a much bigger picture and plan I have for the detachment.

We celebrated 1000 Expert Infantry, a tremendous milestone and honored it with a beautiful 11” patch to commemorate, open to all members it allowed everyone to share in that celebration and enjoy the spoils of victory.

We brought you new Visual guides and photo guides to make it easier than it has ever been to get approved for EI and centurion across all our costumes.

The team worked on several CRL’s again to make details clearer and remove grey areas completely rewriting the Rogue One TK with more descriptive language and new imagery

And we introduced a new CRL for the TFU TK.

A minor revamp of the Replica section took place, and we brought you the DL’s blog for some behind the scenes goings-on and to improve transparency.

We sorted out trading cards and brought you new easy to follow threads and a “Print your own” set up. This reduced delays and streamlined the entire process. We also added a feedback thread so members could give real world recommendations on who they chose with to print their cards and how satisfied they were.

We also launched the Centurion500 campaign.

Those on staff not adversely affected by Covid worked double-time to bring you these and several other of our plans to fruition. We worked hard and very well as a team to keep FISD on the map for all the right reasons, but it doesn’t end there.

I have over viewed 2020, looked at what work needs to be done and created a phase two plan which will not only consolidate works done but allow completion of the larger tasks of clean up and allow for new initiatives and further Forum evolution.

FISD will stay very recognisable but will become easier again to navigate have some new bling but not shake its friendly forums reputation we have instilled over last year.

The following are just some points of what the 2021 Detachment plan looks like.

I won't be giving it all away because I do like to surprise and engage you all, not only this but I have also left room for things to develop organically.

·       This year I will have space for member’s ideas, a discussion forum where some of your ideas have the potential to be developed and become a reality. You will have the chance to leave your mark on the FISD forums and work with the staff from ground zero. I think this is an exciting initiative as we have so much talent across the wonderful membership and I look forward to working with you in that forum space.

·       Re invigorating the New members section with some major work that will take place in reorganising all the subsections, removing more clutter and creating the “New Troopers Club”. I won’t elaborate too much but there will be more ways to engage with the staff, Q And A and the hopes of a better introduction to the mass of information stored here on the forums.

·       The continuation of repairing and cleaning up all those Photobuket broken images and missing links. This is still a large task that takes time but we will not rest until phase one is complete. Then we will jump into Phase two of this process, a refining treatment.

·        An all new Expert Infantry Gallery will be created. The old one has been broken for a few years and we certainly tried to revive it last year, but unfortunately, the data is quite incomplete much of it lost when the detachment was transferred across onto the Legion server. This will require a hefty rebuild and we have devised a method to get this underway. It will have a new look and the plan is to make it easier to maintain for the future. This is a large task so I will be looking to enlist some new blood into extended staff when we are ready to launch the project. It was a great gallery of honor, and it will shine again.

·       2021 will bring us some more milestone events to celebrate, and with celebration comes merch.

·       We are ever mindful of the costings when it comes to merch and will continue to work with suppliers to bring you affordable and exciting items. My team have already done some brainstorming and we have some seriously good ideas and designs in mind for items we haven’t seen in an FISD merch run before. There will also be detachment favorite merch items available in the new term and of course special milestone and celebratory item, it is FISD's 15th anniversary after all so we will have plenty of cause to party.

These are just some of the plans prepared for the year but we already have something new and almost ready to launch. I'll make that announcement shortly, but keep an eye out for some new sub forums in the 501st members section so we will indeed hit the ground running as of today.

Once again, I am honored to lead all of you through 2021 and grateful to have the opportunity to continue driving our detachment and our membership on an upward trajectory.

The team are eager to get the job done, but with new initiatives, there will be some changes and opportunity to expand our team and bring new staff on board. This could be you!

Last year was just the beginning, we look forward to continuing making the journey to become a Stormtrooper truly exhilarating.

With Unquestioned loyalty


Sly11 TK 11469






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