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BlueBoxFromSpace ATA ANH Stunt (first build)

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And it really was only a minute. I couldn't keep myself from continuing. I'm really excited to get this done. 


I got the ears on, the lens in, and the mic tips on.



I want to take the dremel to the rim on the bottom a little bit before I fit the trim.



Specifically on the seams by the ears





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You want to try to make the bottom round where possible, no straight edges, makes fitting and keeping the S trim a little easier, notice the sides below, not inner point/angle, nice and curved



You could also adjust one of your hovi tips, pointing outwards. I use small angle cut pieces of rubber tube, you place behind the hovi tip and move so the angle pushes the hovi to the position you want.



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I swear I tried to make the opening as round as I could. haha. 



Finally got to paint. I didn't use any templates, just taped off around the tube stripes and the traps on the back. I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. I want to touch up the tube stripes a tiny bit, but other than that, if you guys think this good then I'm good with it.







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Nice work, just to be a little picky and by no means a must for basic approval, although for L3 you want hand painted / or look painted decals, a couple of your tubes could be touched up as a few are a little wide or slightly off, just watch the extra paint on the top bottom corners too, toothpick is the easiest way to clean up ;) .




Should be no paint on the gums, just appears you have a touch in a few places but could just be the angle of photos.




Also try to make the sides of the top curves on the vocoder match.



Great job

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