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MOC TK Helmet - Classic Stormtrooper Helmet with some modifications

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Hello there


Thought it was about time to start another 'with some modifications' - thread. :D

As most people here, I simply love our Classic Stormtroopers:




Since starting my research back in 2012, I also came across some very interesting variants from video games, comics and so on:            (photos taken from the 501st CRLs)




While each alteration and/or addition helped giving the armor a special appearance, the idea of being unbound and free of any CRL always appealed to me.

With this MOC - helmet I will try to combine multiple modifications into a single helmet.

Recently I got a suitable kit for this project and collected a few add-ons, so let's see what this turns into...

Like with every other kit, my first step was a rough cut, before washing and drying it.












Was not sure at all, if I could ever add such a big and symmetrical 3D-printed item (made from sturdy PETG) onto a wonky classic helmet.

However, the top ends of the ears perfectly meet the Blast Shield with little gaps that I will later take care of.


List of modifications so far:

1 - Blast Shield

2 - Black Interior


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next updates. :)

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Very cool project Tino! Off to a great start.

Will this costume be more battle damage style or fresh from the armory?

 I love the blast shield part. 

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Many thanks for your comments Glen @gmrhodes13 and Andrew @Sly11.  Great to see you interested in such an uncommon idea.  :)


On 1/13/2021 at 5:37 AM, Bulldog44 said:

(...)   Will this costume be more battle damage style or fresh from the armory?

 I love the blast shield part. 

Thanks Brian. :D This helmet is meant to later look like some kind of spec ops trooper and I definitely want to add some serious battle damages plus weathering.


Currently I am struggling with painting that thing and hope to update this thread soon...

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Okay, the paint work is not yet completed, but at least I made some progress.

Started with the Blast Shield and unlike the Mimban Trooper, I wanted it to have a different color. Had a weird idea for this...  :)






I was pretty happy with the result but now had to make a plan for the rest of the helmet. So I closely inspected the 501st registered costumes above.

A classic white base seemed best but raised the question for a contrasting color. Blue and red are allocated to the Commander and the Incinerator.

Would a dark orange work? Or would that look like a Stormtrooper version of Clone Commander Cody?


Next I thought of green, which immediately brought up the idea for camouflage. Although not being very common in the Star Wars Universe, there are some examples for it (Kashyyyk Trooper, ARF Trooper, ARF Trooper Waxer, ARF Trooper Boil or the 41st Scout Battalion).


The idea behind this helmet is to turn the look a bit more towards a special soldier, equipped with many infrequent extras for his secret missions.

A camouflage paint job would surely fit to that, so I researched the different types and considered, what I was able to do with the options I had.






Okay, that test piece simply looked poor. Sorry, no camouflage here. -_-

Sticking to the special soldier theme, I then considered to go with NATO green only. The planned additions for this helmet will add a bit more colors later anyway.


But I really liked how a different color on the mouth piece (see Incinerator Trooper and Sky Trooper) cause the impression of this being a separate and removable part of the helmet. So I masked this area before spraying.





The helmet appears a bit dark on the last photos because of the lighting.


Thank you for reading. :)

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I love the green color for the helmet. Amazing rust effect on the blast shield. 

I am a huge fan of camouflage but think the solid NATO green for this project will certainly be better. Perhaps you could add camouflage to a weapon or some accessory pouch ,etc. 

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On 1/20/2021 at 9:44 PM, Cody42 said:

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person :duim:

Oh, you will.  Let's just wait until we can meet again in Leverkusen...   A 'Pfefferschnitzel' is highly overdue. :laugh1:


On 1/20/2021 at 9:54 PM, gmrhodes13 said:

You could also consider a yellow like the Mortar trooper which may tie in more with the army type coloring

Thanks for mentioning Glen. :duim: Green and yellow sounds like a good combination, too. But to be honest, I already have something in mind for that last white spot on this helmet...


20 hours ago, Bulldog44 said:

(...)   I am a huge fan of camouflage but think the solid NATO green for this project will certainly be better. Perhaps you could add camouflage to a weapon or some accessory pouch ,etc. 

Sounds like a great idea but in this case I am only building a helmet, not a full costume. This fact is limiting when it comes to integrate paint schemes and colors.

However, I am still pretty confident... :)

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