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New DFW Texas Trooper wannabe

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My name is Tim, I'm on the East side of Dallas, I manage a Fire Sprinkler company and I fly a Mooney airplane, skydive, build model planes, and enjoy creating things.


My bother and I bought our ATA armor 4 years ago and between the move and purchasing the airplane I have been too busy to get to the armor but now I'm moving along nicely.


I have my blaster and holster to start as well and I'm looking forward to doing so community trooping when needed.

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Hello and welcome to the forums, look forward to seeing a build thread from you soon, good luck

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Welcome Aboard Tim.  look forward to seeing your progress

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Welcome, Tim! When I first saw your name and location I though you might be my cousin, but alas, you’re not. Haha. Regardless, I’m excited to follow your progress with your ATA build, as I’m in the midst of one myself! In case it’s helpful to you, here is a link to a master resource collection I made for my own ATA build. Not only does it have links to many excellent tutorials, but I’ve also included an abundance of ATA build and submission threads for reference.



Now get to building! =)

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