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ATA ANH assembly

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Interesting.  Thanks for the paste info.  I think that gave me some ideas.


I may assemble the armor and then remold it to fix it but I'd have to make it from fiberglass or obtain a large vacuum machine I've been eyeing.  I'm not sure I want that big machine around though.

I'd rather not mutilate this armor since it's ATA so I'll have to think on this a bit.

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Ah, a fellow man of large thighs. I too had problems with the thighs and had to shim them. I'm still using the original cover strips, and don't regret it at all.


If you have the capability to make a new thigh from scratch, that's probably ideal; I think the tricky part is the color matching.


I had added original ABS trimmings to the back of the thighs to make for larger thighs. I ended up not being able to complete the thighs for over a year contemplating how I would make them look good.


My flexible shims were made from NO Parking signs found at hardware stores, they were vinyl. I guess blinds would work, but they're more brittle.




Using ABS to fill in the main material - Lesson learned here, depending on how you plan on filling the gaps, the thickness matters. If it's too thin, ABS paste will not flow into them and you are likely to end up with cracking, if they're too wide, they'll be largely visible. I ended up doing an airbrush paint blend after the fact, if your ABS paste is good looking and not bubbly like mine, you may not need to do anything.




After many ABS pasting and bubble popping, the color still wasn't right - it was a lot darker than the ABS



It doesn't look bad from afar, but I'm shooting for L3, so I wasn't satisified



Painted - I have the ANOVOS formula in my build - Paint matching ANOVOS wasn't easy, but for your ATA, the white is a lot whiter and store bought premium white might be able to work.



end product




end product


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