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Doomhammer's TLJ FOTK KB Props Build

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Hi there

I introduced myself here at the beginning of the year and am finally ready to start building. After a lot of research, I am still facing with some questions that came up during the build. I don't know how regularly I get to work on it, but try to keep you updated.


A good 90% of the parts are already trimmed and progressing slowly but relatively well (i hope so).


Fortunately, I can use my brother's workshop (a 10-minute walk away)



first test and have to cut a bit more and don't really sure how to connect the back and the front. Unfortunately the front ends in the ab box...



Today I temporary connected the biceps and they are as big as my thigh. I have to bend it somehow, it is way too big.


Next step is fitting the Thighs, Shins and much more...


I'll take more (detailed) pictures in the future, I've just started.


Happy Holidays everyone and greetings from Germany

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Looking good so far, when in doubt check our gallery sections, lots of great references there https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/20-fotk-reference/

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So today i trimmed and fixed a few parts


I thought of cutting out the red marked to make it easier to put on and to attach the TD with Velcro and magnets. What do you think?





Does the shins and thights have a return edge  (top/bottom) or not? can't really tell from the references.

Thats it so far... 

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I'm pretty sure KB has updated a few parts in his kits, one being a TLJ specific cod, which are slightly different in shape to the TLJ


Here is some comparisons of the cods




Also the insides of the forearms a cut a little differently


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Edit: Regarding the cod piece, a member of the German garrison told me that the TFA cod piece would be fine for a basic approval. I will decide to use that first and look for the TLJ cod later, as I am aiming for EIB status (if i don't mess up).


so i started to work my way from "Head to toes" :D


I've already cut out the small middle part



Quick test, what it would look like.




My Plan is, to drill holes for the small rubber bands. But not sure if these are strong enough, so looking for an alternative.



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information added
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yesterday I continued to supply some parts with ABS paste to close gaps. When it dried and can be processed, it is sanded and puttied again at ...



Wearing it feels good so far. I fixed the back of the torso with magnets to see if it fits the size. Could be made a little narrower, but I still have to think carefully about how to close it at the back (with the TD). Brilliant as I am, I forgot to photograph the back :rolleyes:



I trimmed the TD and have to adjust it in time, which I will do as soon as I have a plan on how to solve the torso.



Upper body rests a little, continue with the legs

With the thighs, I'm still unsure how to adjust them or whether I have to cut something ...
NZ1Ycrp.jpg FEtDibI.jpg

The shins (and spats ...)
right leg (spats a bit too tight)





left leg (spats very large)





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I did a lot of research, looked at WIPS and measured it several times ... unfortunately all of this doesn't help if you, for whatever reason, write down the measurements upside down and glue the parts together incorrectly ... In the meantime, almost everything has been fixed again.
Therefore the progress is manageable




right Thigh



the inner seam will be velcroed later.


 right shin



unfortunetaly a stress fracture during test fitting


had to glue in a reinforcement, hope it can be saved ...


sanded the shoulder bell and marked for later attachement




the pauldron will be attached witch magnets later






Maybe someone can help me. I trimmed the spats and tried them on. One is too long and I have to shorten it, the other is clearly too small. Does it have to be closed flush or may a gap remain? The gap would be (way) bigger than in the picture. 



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Good progress Ian, this will come together nicely. Keep up the great work.

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I decided to highlight the indentations on the yoke more clearly and cut them into thirds. The distance between the indentations is about 4mm and, after drying, the upper and lower areas must be filled with ABS paste.A4aFsD2.jpgneBBniZ.jpg



The magnets on the abdomen are now finally fixed and it can be buckled on easily. To wear it, it will held with a suspender as soon as the TD is adjusted and I know how it looks . Tried to to shape the TD so that it rests better.




At the moment I'm still sitting on the left shin with the spat, right thigh to get the (Ddan's) holster in place.



the greeblie on the Forearms looks kind of small or is it right that theres a gap towards the elbow?





I have to get used to taking a few more photos of the work steps.
Will check the other WIPS again before my next visit the workshop ...

See you next time

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So easy to miss taking photos when your are too busy building, coming along nicely.


Forearm reference



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I have adjusted the spats as far as possible, fine tuning is still missing, so that the upper edge is straight.






At first I only put on the boxes from the left Shin for optics. since they should lie on seamlessly, they still have to be sanded a little.





To attach the holster I made a construction of ABS scraps and Chicago screws ... will follow in the next post with further progress.


At this point, thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate it very much :duim:

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