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RWA Creations big boy

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I don´t know why, but this year i am in the mood for christmas, days befor christmas eve.

So best  i can do is to give presents to myself and the bbb arrived these days.

As mentioned in the headline, it´s the big boy suit from ross and if there is interest,

i can compare parts with the rs suit.

But first ... unpacking.







More to come, after first trimming.




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Welcome aboard Wolfgang, BBB day is always so awesome and it makes me happy seeing everyone else have this experience.

Good luck on your journey to become a Stormtrooper.

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After some rough trimming here are some pictures with size informations.


ytA4Nvn.jpg Outer side of the arm. Much space to reduce when needed.


93tfEpK.jpg The outer side of a bicep. For those who pumpin iron.


UFSbUFn.jpg The kidney plate with the little square.


I know it is still a way to go, but it makes so much fun, because the material is very easy to cut with a lexan scissor.

Minor trimming will be made by a dremel or sandpaper.


But i got another question. (only one of several that will follow)

Wich one of the sizes is correct, or doesn´t it matter and it´s not a big issue?





I know, only 7mm but those little voices in my head ... cut it, or leave it?

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51 minutes ago, Lupus1202 said:

or doesn´t it matter and it´s not a big issue?

And to clarify, It’s not needed to get it right to the mm as both the original suits and TD had variations in sizes. Get as close as possible to the measurements and as long as it looks like the reference it’s fine:duim:

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Definitely stay with the second image, but no one is going to scale your photos and check to see if it is right :)

Important things for the Thermal det are as follows and note the words approximate and between are used.

Thermal Detonator

(A.K.A. O2 canister) attaches to the center back of the belt.

Detonator consists of an all grey cylinder, without silver stickers or silver paint.

The cylinder is between 2” (50mm) and 2.68"(68mm) in diameter with white end caps on each end.

The white control panel pad faces upwards, with the controls/round washer style detail closest to the right end cap.

The total length is approximately 7.50" (190.5mm).

The thermal detonator is attached via metal or metallic-appearing clips, approximately 1" (25mm) wide.


OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):
Clips shall be attached with slotted type, flat or dome top style screws, and be black (two per clip).

V head screws are not permitted.

Thermal detonator belt clips are positioned with little to no gap between the clips and the end caps.

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Just a quick heads-up..  I realize that you still have some trimming/sanding to do, but be careful to round out any sharp angles to prevent stress cracks, which is especially important on areas like the calves which flex a lot from being put on:




The same goes for the posterior plate corners. 



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Hello Joseph,


thank you for your hint. I read it in your thread to round the angles, so no stress is on the material.

I took the pictures, specially of the shins, after i trimmed a little bit with a lexan scissor.

After that i´ll have to sand them more round.




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  • 2 weeks later...

After some rough trimming, it´s time to get serious.


First the shoulderbridges ... i think i have to cut some mm like i marked it.




Then the right thigh ...




I might have to sand at the top and on the bottom a little bit so the parts fit better together.

Then the backside. It´s a big boy kit and i have to cut some material. My idea is to cut along the red vertical line.

The over all width at the bottom will be 140mm, 70mm both sides.

My question is, is one side wider than the other and do i have to decenter the vertical line?






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Those are looking fantastic, Wolfgang!  Before cutting the backs, make sure that the cover strip will be located in the center of the rear just as you have it in the front and that it runs as vertical as possible.  Assuming the area behind your hand is as shown with the blue line (yellow arrow), it looks as if the inside width is greater that the outside.... it may be the angle of the photo, though.  Keep up the great work and keep those pics coming!  :popcorn:


CG2Hzop.jpg    v7LoAK0.jpg?1  UOMzElM.jpg?1

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After cutting and sanding, taping together, take the tape off, sanding again and so on and on and on, the thighs are ready for the cover strips.

ront view of both thighs:


and the backside view.

jCtUqvf.jpg Left thigh

BgmVl1y.jpg Right thigh

I´m not sure if i will, or have to cut the backside of the outer half of the right thigh?!?!?!?

When i don´t cut the coverstrip to low, it will look like the picture you posted, left thigh of the trooper.



What you said Joseph, i have to take whole new measure. What you see on the notice are the measurements from the rs kit as rob mentioned them on the youtube videos.

I can´t take them for the rwa kit because they are larger from front to back. It was a little bit tricky, but after all, shins will be next.

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Ladies and gents,

next steps are the shins.



i88kghp.jpgleft shin

Uu2qwS7.jpgright shin


I know i have to cut the return edges but an other issue occurred ... if i won´t cut the outer sides of the shins, the parts will scratch on my outer ankles,

or i will cut as i marked it on the following picture.




Next to come are the biceps and i saw something interesting in the gallery section. The bottoms of the biceps don´t have or if, only have a very small returnedge.

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And here we go again.

The biceps ...





Please don´t wonder about the tape and the writing on it.

I can´t tell how often i measure up, mark with tape, measure again, put the tape off and just befor i will cut, measure again ... it was just a feeling something don´t look correct and what should i say? Right ... 10mm less than the other side. So please, take the hints for real, measure as often as you want to and than cut!

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You don't have to have any return edges on the biceps but many of us with smaller arms keep some to stop them moving around as much. A few of us have to also use foam inside to stop them moving.gallery_12157_59_74923.jpg


You can trim to match the bottoms of your shins, also remove any return edge so they don't rub on your boots.



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Worklife started again after the hollidays, building time moved in the evening hours.

Some small progress and your opinion please. Nothing is glued in this phase.







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After i glued the coverstrips on the front of the thighs (pictures will follow on monday, maybe tomorrow evening)

something is cooking in the kitchen for the little gap on the bottom of the left thigh.





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