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Centurion from the Start/ The BigJasoni's Remnant Jimmiroquai Build Thread


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So what I've decided to do is use the bicep from the Mudtroopers design and make a jig or guide for those J hooks. It will be something you can print out and use to draw your template. I'm also going to make a backing that can be glued in place to provide a little more support around the hooks.


Just in looking at my biceps, it feels like the cord running through the J hooks might rip through or crack the ABS and I'd expect the fiberglass might feel the same. I really don't see any other alternative than to reinforce this area from the inside. 

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56 minutes ago, tat2trooper said:

Those traps look awesome. 


Thanks. I finally finished modeling my tears and traps and will probably print them in resin this week. I discovered as I was doing this that there's small differences on either side because of the fiberglass casting, so I ended up making a separate file for each part. After I was done I realized that I probably could have just printed each one a little oversized and file the resin down to fit. Oh well.

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So, no update for a while. Please forgive me as I "cheat on the FISD." I got in a little over my head on three simultaneous builds.

However, for your consideration, please see the following pics of my abdominal armor and let me know your thoughts. I'll provide another update soon, but am looking for some feedback on my hack and slash. Pretty sure I'm the first to do this to a Jimi kit and I'll explain it later. Long story short... extremely comfortable.




I'll explain the soft belt later. Also, that's primer on the armor; it hasn't been painted yet. But this thing's going to be smoooooth when it's finished.
Thanks again,



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Posted (edited)

Ok. I'm back. LOL.

Since I was out "cheating" on the FISD, I got two other costumes approved and will be submitting a third next week. Unfortunately, as I said in the Artillery Stormtrooper forum a couple minutes ago, I'm packing up the printers for the time being and will not be able to finish the fourth costume I intended on knocking out before returning to my "home detachment." Candidly, I'm getting ready to pick up my family and move into a little apartment for a few months while we wait for our new house to get built. So, while my Shoretrooper is now on hold, I get to return to my priority build.
Yeah, I know. I use the word "priority" loosely, but with the creation of the new Remnant/ Anthology forum, I've decided to move this build thread to it's new home.
This is definitely back to being my priority build.
So, with that said, let me throw up the first couple pictures that indicate my desire to create a Remnant TK:










LOL! Whoa! I've read about asymmetrical OT helmets a thousand times, but nothing prepared me for this. I even had to reach out to @TheRascalKing to make sure I didn't receive a dud. LOL. Regardless, I love it.
Ok. So with all that said, I'm going to continue this build as if it were a ROTK, but when I get towards the end, there's definitely going to be some modifications. Also, though I'd love to finish this quickly, building TKs in an apartment might slow down progress, but we'll see.
Anyways, thanks again for viewing.

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  • Sly11 changed the title to Centurion from the Start/ The BigJasoni's Remnant Jimmiroquai Build Thread

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