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TK - 12682 Reporting for Duty

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My journey to join the 501st began over 2 years ago when I saw for the first time the Tampa Bay Squad at Star Wars night at the Amalie Arena for a Lightning Game.  I have always been a huge Star Wars Fan and especially a fan of stormtroopers and Darth Vader.  I remember standing in line in Miami and getting be amongst the first who saw Star Wars May 25, 1977.  I was mesmerized.  That has remained a constant in my life no matter how old I get.  The feeling (being giddy) when you see a  group of stormtroopers, hear the imperial march, the sound of blasters, the theme song being played and so on.  I look at my pics of me in my armor and still cant believe that I am now a member of this awesome group.  Every member that I have been able to interact with has been amazing and helpful.  I look forward to the journey ahead of EIB and then Centurion.  I look forward to getting involved, trooping, bringing smiles to others and bridging the generational gap of watching the youth be captivated by me and fellow Legion members as we show up at various events.  I am grateful to be here and look forward to the future with the 501st.  LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE...


Pics of me with my nephew, my brother and me enjoying Thanksgiving, TK Style!

2020-11-29 21.03.17-5-1.jpg

2020-11-29 21.03.17-12.jpg

2020-11-29 21.03.17-9.jpg

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