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TKC-69901 Requesting EIB status ( RS Props ) 1010


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4 minutes ago, Ruck said:

I followed the lines that are clearly not centered.  I’m very sorry if I’m a little upset but you can see in every photo the belt is not centered.  I’m trying to copy what you guys are sending me and explaining but when I’m making these changes then I’m told something different.  I can’t be wasting parts by following the examples given to me then being told not to.  I don’t mean to be a jerk but I’m very frustrated. 



Yes but allowances are given between what we see in the game opposed to what is achievable in real life armor, BOTH versions are approvable, same as the position of the button cover, not all armor makes have belts that long so shorter are fine.


Can you post some photos of your issues with the belt and what you have done?

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36 minutes ago, Ruck said:

Well this is what I’m stuck now. 


Ok you cut too much off the bottom corner, I don't think I've seen that done before. As I have said in the past you are always best checking with other approved centurion applications, none have a different sized cut corner.


This could be fixed, you could tape the piece back on from behind (or glue some plastic behind) and use some ABS paste to join the pieces together, ABS paste does take 24 hours and longer to dry, then sand, using different grade sandpaper to ultimately fine, then polish, as you can add some weathering you may be able to disguise the join.


I must say though I think you went a little large even going on Mario's reference, doesn't appear to have a huge corner cut off in the image, he was alerting you to the fact the belt could be offset, not to match the corner cuts to the actual belt.



The belt covers should not be cut on the corners either





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You could still use your original plastic belt section you have and add the thinner nylon belt to it




Comparisons of centurion approvals






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You should be ok but DO's will have final say, but you will have to trim those button covers which will give you more room, they shouldn't have angled corners






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10 hours ago, Ruck said:

How’s this look?  I trimmed the button covers.  



Hi Scott,  thank you for your patience.


As Glenn mentioned, the cover could be trimmed a bit to get then more  squared .   













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Hello Commander. 

After looking at your armor, that you have done a really great work, and good improvements, i would suggest to correct the width of your arms blue stripes. 

In comparison with the references, your stripes are too wide. I can't really see the position of the biceps, but the forearms are actually bad positioned.


As you can see in the paint dimensions references, the forearms comes from the cover strip to inside the forearm and both are pretty close, not one in each side front and back.

The biceps has 1 inside coming from the cover strip and another from the outse bump moving to the front.

The rest of the armor seems to be in the good way to become a good Stormtrooper Commander in the hall of experts and centurion level.

Another point would be the position of the stripes on the boots, but that's matter of the approval team, if they want to ask you to modify it or not. 

Keep on it trooper, you are doing a really good job.

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