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It doesn't exist . 

Google the uk dance troupe " boogiestorm" . Study what they look like and what they wear . It will give you a good idea of what you need to build for your requirements . 

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You would really have to modify armor to be able to dance, but then it wouldn't be accurate. As Rob stated Google the dance group, there are lots of youtube videos out there then compare to what our basic requirements are and you will notice a lot has been removed for the ability to dance 

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I think the guys have pretty much summed it up. The person who supplied the armour that Boggy storm wears is called TKUK, he is not on our reputable vendors list but if you are looking for something to dance in and not for 501st approval that you can modify further to give that kind of range of movement, it may be your cheapest option. I'm sure this guy is found on ebay.

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