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BALetner request pre-approval.

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Brad Letner

soCal Garrison 

AM 4.5

Daves Darkside Depot commission

TrooperBay neck seal. 
Imperial Boots boots

(just toy prop blaster - not yet ready for EIB)

pics enroute....

Photos below. 
Belt is upside down! Oy! 



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If you notice other apps they have included images into their post, perhaps add the images separately and you will receive more feedback ;) 


One issue right off the bat is your butt plate is sticking out, you may need to adjust your strapping, I added a V tab which helped keep the sides in.




With a heat gun you bend strips of ABS plastic into the shape of a V, only glue one side and the other remains free to allow movement when you bend. Just helps stop the butt plate from pushing back from the back plate.







Also looks like your belt may be on upside down as your drop boxes are not hanging from under the belt, also belt should not cover the last button on your ab plate it should sit just below



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Nice work, you have something black sticking out on the top side of your ab/kidney



You may want to have a look at your drop boxes, not quite aligned with the ends of the plastic belt section. You may also notice the butt plate is pushing backwards, you may be able to tighten the strapping to hold it inwards in alignment with the kidney. Perhaps try some foam behind your sniper plate too which will help keep it away from the bottom of your thigh.



You could rotate your shoulder bells inwards a little to close the gap between them and your chest. Also your biceps are hitting the forearms, maybe bring the biceps up a little. Note the drop boxes in this image.



A few dressing tweaks with photos and I'm sure we'll see you approved very soon. Good luck

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Looking smart, congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper. You can request Stormtrooper access here 


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This is great news Brad, welcome to the legion. Don't forget to request your 501st access if you haven't already. It will give you access to more areas of the forums. :salute:

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Congratulations. I did notice one small dressing issue on your left arm, as the seam was not facing forward. At first suiting up seems to be difficult, with all the little steps you have to follow, but it will come with time and you'll be a pro. Again, congratulations. 

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