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We Did It Centurion #500


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2 hours ago, OddViking327 said:

Thanks @justjoseph63, I was glad to make it in time. I had a question for you or anyone else, how many standard approved troopers are there. To put in another way, once we reach 500, is there a percentage we can calculate of troopers that make it to Centurion? Same question for EIB. I just can't find a place where those sorts of statistics are (especially because I believe this includes all of the FISD costumes).



And the breakdown of those


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@gmrhodes13 Wow, thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. So as it stands, with:


5,649 total, and 1,011 EIB and 485 Centurion, that makes (rounding) about:


18% of troopers go on to reach Expert Infantry

8.5% attain Centurion.


(real numbers 17.8969% for EIB, and 8.5856% for Centurion with today's count). 


Thanks for helping me put my achievement in context, and also amazing to see how popular the TK category is Legion-wide!

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  • TKSpartan changed the title to Only 14 spots left- Centurion500 Troopers power up your Hyperdrives

I am impressed with how quickly the membership are making ground on this initiative.

Well done everyone, keep the submissions coming in, as we change in to top gear and power through the corners to the finishing straight.

The pit crew.....I mean DO team, have the tools and are ready to bring you home.

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3 hours ago, TrooperTori said:

I'm surprised they didn't go for 501 for Cent but hey who ever gets that number has ultimate bragging rights in my opinion. I hope i can make this one i missed out on the 1000 and am waiting for ESB now :icon_beg:

How do you know we didn't think about 501 :P, see this way it's cool for who ever is 500, and whoever is 501!  It's cool for everyone that hits this milestone and ultimately cool for anyone who makes centurion level regardless of the number their approval is. It is a wonderful achievment to do those few extra little bits and pieces and is why we already have designs for a general EIB and Centurion pin so everyone that achieves those levels can buy a few. Those will come next year after we have had a chance to celebrate this next detachment milestone. (lets the cat outa the bag)


Best of luck Victoria, I hope you make it in too :popcorn:

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Keep em coming troopers, this is an awesome effort and the most momentum we have had for those aiming for Centurion in a long time.

We got this FISD!

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  • TKSpartan changed the title to We Did It Centurion #500
  • Sly11 changed the title to Only 7 spots left, Troopers. Time to fire up your Hyperdrives!
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