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Latex shoulder bridges


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As long as they match references, shape, size and color shouldn't be a problem. There is quite a big difference in shades of color from one makers armor to another so matching the armor white could be an issue.

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My question is how you'll glue them to the chest piece and if they'll lay properly, in addition to the above...

Post up if you do it! Shoulder bridges ARE prone to cracking, so I see the demand, but am cautious...

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There is a 2 part CA glue solution for gluing hard to stick materials like latex. It has a pen which you use to put a coating on the surface, then the tube of glue to apply.

Same stuff many use to bond the latex hand plates to rubber gloves and it works very well.

You could do a test with a similar product to give the added reassurance that it will work.




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Not something I've seen before, very cool! I was trying to figure out how to attach latex bridges to my fiberglass RO check piece and failed, so that's good to know. I wonder if it would do latex to fiberglass...


My only other concern is that the only latex shoulder bridges I have seen so far do not closely match the references for their era... so hopefully they're a good looking cast. Definitely post up if you get em!

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