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Rogue One TK CRL update 2020 Announcment


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Att all budding R1 TK's out there,


There will be an update to the Rogue One TK Happening over the next week.

This is not a simple or basic update, but a complete re write of the CRL bringing it up to date and eliminating many of the grey areas.

A lot of conscious effort has gone into this update, with much thanks to member TK20980 (Jeff) who was the detachments first Centurion lvl R1TK and was reviewed initially by the staff and our attaches.

It will leave behind some of the current allowable ANH components as the CRL was originally written before the movie release. Back then we had limited assets available to reference and limited vendors supplying armour and parts so it has long needed this update.

Of course this has all well and truly changed so we are now in the position to bring you the CRL it really should be.


Answers to questions you may have.

What If I have started my R1 TK build?

This will not be a problem as a grace period will be given to all those currently building this costume for basic approval. The GML's will be informed of this and will assess you off the current version of the CRL.


How long is the grace period?

As in the past we have given a 3 month grace period, so if you are only just now deciding you might like to build this armour, act fast and get the ball rolling or you will need to refer to the new more accurate and understandable CRL that will supersede the current version.

This will be initiated once the LMO's are satisfied with the re write.

The DO's will keep a copy on hand so it will remain available to you until such time as it is replaced.


When will the new CRL be ready and available?

I am expecting the process may take a couple of weeks once I have updated the back end document and the LMO's have had sufficient time to review and green light it. This draft may be subject to a few changes on their request but once it goes live the old version will disappear from the CRL lists across legion, hence why the DO's will keep a copy.


If you have any questions, please ask.

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Not to have circular logic but if anyone finds this thread and is unaware of the sticky. The New 2020 CRLS are now in effect. All the information is here: 


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