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TK-12399 Reporting for Duty!!!

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This was a long time coming. I have wanted to build my own set of TK armor and join the 501st since not long after its inception. After many conversations with my son about it, we decided to move forward. It has been and continues to be an amazing experience as I am already working on finishing his TK. A cool story is that another couple that we are good friends with were over for a small celebration of their daughter's birthday on the same day that I got my email from my GML about being approved. I had wanted to take a few new pictures  for my EIB submission later in the evening when they were gone, but we got to talking about the 501st and the process of building armor around the table ( in the absence of the kids ) and I suggested, off the cuff, that I could put on my armor and present her with a special birthday cupcake from the Empire. When they began to sing Happy Birthday, I emerged from the room, cupcake in hand, and got to watch her eyes light up. She's a big fan of the bad guys...lol. Later on that evening after they had made it home, they messaged my wife and told her that was one of the best birthday suprises she had ever had! It really made me feel good to bring that kind of joy to a youngster and I'm looking forward to many more opportunities ahead.





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7 hours ago, Sly11 said:

Congratulations and welcome to the legion. Great to see you are gunning for EI, good luck sir.

Thanks Andrew! EI is in the bag, sir. I'll be posting my Centurion application VERY soon!

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