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ANH HDPE and HIPS differences

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I was wondering if some of you experts could let me know the differences between HDPE and HIPS when it comes to helmets. I have an ABS helmet and thats the material I mainly have experience with with TK stuff. Recently though I've been thinking about different materials for ANH stunt helmets though. 

From what I can see it looks like that how paint sits on an HDPE helmet just makes it look so authentic and accurate to how the movie helmets look. Almost like it ads this extra glossy element to the paint. And I love how it chips for a weathered look. 

For HIPS it seems like the helmets I've seen with it are very sharp looking. Like it kind of shows the details better and isn't as soft as ABS. So HIPS kinda gets points for helmet in the sharpness and overall shape department. 

Can HDPE be as sharp looking as HIPS, or is a a bit softer then HIPS for the most part? Also if the HDPE comes too bumpy can you sand it? or will the ruin the extra gloss it kinda gives to the paint finish? Ive never seen the two different materials side by side though, so if someone has and can comment on any differences that would be helpful. 

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The original 50 "Stunt" helmets were made of HDPE and then painted, and the original 6 "Hero" helmets (for close-up shots) were made of the less springy white ABS.  If you like that look I believe RS is the only one making them in the original HDPE.  (Link here).


Here are some comparison pics for ya'.


                                                                                                              Stunt bucket (HDPE)

                    Mpw4NCG.jpg?1  1JeCQsj.jpg?1  tydcAhN.jpg?1


                                                                                                               Hero buckets (ABS                                                             

                   JuLHXNs.jpg?1     Wa9RCzW.jpg?1  edENoHK.jpg?1

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If you are interested in screen accuracy, forget hips.

RS Propmasters in the uk have just announced ( July 2020) a run of hdpe helmets , moulded from their original stunt helmet . For screen accuracy there is simply  nothing to compare , it's as close as possible . 

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