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eBay helmet. Any thoughts?

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Hi Darin,


The kit you ask for looks good, but incomplete , I would like to recommend you to read the following forum section about Armors and FISD Vetted Sellers ,

You can ask those vendor for a complete Helmet kit, the one you have seen doesn't include some additional pieces that are essential for build It, some of then:


Hovi mix tips, lens, Neck seal , screws, decals etc . that most vendor sells  (screen accurate ones). something like this example photo


                                         Example Photo of different pieces of a Helmet Kit




Hope this can give an idea and feel free to browse the forum and ask questions.

We are here to help. :salute:














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Ears look a bit strange but the helmet have signs of beeing a recast of the RS propmasters stunt helmet (lump on the forehead). Can’t be sure though.  I would steer clear of any three part helmets (as seen above) and separate vocoder (chin detail)  as there are alot better options available so I recommend checking the link Mario provided.
Good luck:salute:

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5 hours ago, Dbop1120 said:

Just based on what I've seen and learned over the past year, I would avoid getting any 501st related items from eBay like the plague. Unless you know the seller is reputable and is using eBay as a platform to drive some sales, I would check on the approved vendors list here on whitearmor that Mario provided and hit one of them up.


The helmets is tough enough with two parts and two ears, I don't think I'd want to add a third part. personally. :smiley-sw013:

Good luck in your endeavors.

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