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Nadas Requesting TK Pre-approval for HWT


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Requesting pre approval review for my armour.



1. First/Last Name: Nadas McCartin-Cole

2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost: Southern Cross Garrison

3. Armour Maker: AM 4.5

4. Helmet Maker: AM 4.5

5. Cloth Belt Maker: SCG Member

6. Neck Seal Maker: Imperial Boots

7. Boot Maker: Imperial Boots

9. Blaster Maker: N/A

11. Height: 5’ 7”

12. Weight: 120 kg

13. TK Type: HWT

14. Names of Troopers that have helped me significant helped with your build: Ben Gordon (TK-15378), Michael McBride (TK-29379), Jade Pemberton (TI-12718), Andy Price (TK-42542) and Dave Conklin


Backpack Maker: Dave’s Darkside Depot

Ammo Pouches Maker: Jade Pemberton

Pouldran Maker: Trooper Bay























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You’ve done a nice job with the shims on your sides!  Take a look at the back of your left shin and see if you can tighten up the gap. The right one is tighter.  From the front you look like an imposing trooper and I wouldn’t want to mess with you!!  Nice work!!!! 

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Dressing Issues(Issues can be seen in backpack photo):

"Your thighs seem to be sitting a little low. We'd like to see these raised a little to reduce the gap between the bottom of the abdominal plate and top of the thighs.


You also have a fairly large gap at the top of your left shin that we'd want to see reduced, but I'm guessing this is just a dressing issue and doing the thigh up tighter would fix this problem."


My pouldran is wrong no rivets are to be present:

"There is also a rivet on your pauldron at the front of your neck (as shown in the photo) that we'd need removed as this isn't present in the CRL."



My backpack can't be approved:

 "You also have a knob on the top of your backpack (as shown in the photo) that isn't present in the CRL, so we need that to be removed also."

 image1_11132.jpeg [



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Sorry to hear you got a bump back.

Not sure I understand the pauldron comment - is it simply a dressing issue that a snap is visible?

The backpack issue is a bugger, but it should be relatively easy to slice the pour plug off and fit a cover.

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