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Looking for a DLT19 Kit

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I'm looking for recommendations for a Dlt19. I don't want a 3D printed kit and preferably it can break down.

I found a vendor call Stardust Industries on FB that sells a kit, it looks nice. Anyone have any experience with them? 



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2 minutes ago, TKSpartan said:

You could take a look to Praetorian Blasters  https://www.facebook.com/BlasterMaker/



I was considering them, I actually I use their E11, I love it. But I'm staying away for the following reasons. 

-I want a fun project to work on during these times


-I cant get in contact with them, Iv'e messaged them twice in the last two months.

-Most importantly, I need something that can come apart for security and storage purposes. The barrel can be removed from the receiver. In a few months i'll be moving onto a college campus and carrying a rifle like prop, even in a case, could be risky. So I would like something that can fit into make crate. 

Thanks for the suggestion! 

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You may want to check at Etsy.com there are some vendors for DLT-19 there.



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