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Fallen Order Heavy Assault Stormtrooper

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The last post reminded me I need to update my shopping list.

I'm happy to say that as of today, the armor has been ordered from WTF.


As follows:

Helmet: Dave's Darkside Depot (ANH Stunt helmet, will be modified)
Armor: WTF ROTJ armor

Shoulder bells: Dave's Darkside Depot (ordered with helmet)

Handplates: Dan Laws
Undersuit: scuba diving suit off some diving website I bought years ago - in hand
Gloves: Joseph
Boots: TK Boots - in hand
Balaclava: Military surplus - in hand
Neckseal: Darman - in hand
Pauldron: Will be Katara8 after the armor is completely finished

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Shipping will no doubt be taking longer with all the disruptions around the globe, hopefully you'll start seeing parcels soon.

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Update time! Still no sign of the helmet. I shot Dave a message, see where that's at. Armor still being made.


On a seperate note, I broke down and ordered the pauldron. I figured "why not?" :laugh1:


So that literally takes care of everything, I'm just waiting for it all to come in.

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