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Hi from Lincolnshire, UK.

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I've been reading posts on here for a while now and thought it was time I got involved. I've loved Star was since I first saw ANH and thought stormtroopers were the coolest thing ever (like everyone else on here no doubt).  

I'm planning on building my first armour at the nearest opportunity and when cash flow allows it. I've checked out options from RS and am considering a purchase but after buying a shadow trooper bucket from Anovos about a 18 months ago I'm wondering if it's possible to buy just the armour from another supplier that would match, to save cash. Anovos dont seem to offer this option anymore. I know buying buckets and armour separately isnt ideal.

Also due to having more time on my hands lately I have 90% completed a T-21 build and wondered where best to post it. Unfortunately I didnt think to take photos until half way through but I'm sure i will build another soon and document it all.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello and welcome aboard, great to see you have been doing some research. For T-21 build you could post a build thread here.https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/120-minimag-ptl-missile-launcher-t-21-rt-97c-mg-15/


Looking forward to seeing your progress. 

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12 hours ago, StuJustice said:


Anovos dont seem to offer this option anymore.


Even if they would still do it buying straight from them is a risky gamble. There is a thread in the TFA TK section about them and non-delivery

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1 minute ago, StuJustice said:


Reading on here RS and TM may be the way to go? 

Both of those are fantastic options. sir.  

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Hello and welcome to the FISD. I know from personal experience that buying a kit without a helmet is never a good idea, often you risk finding yourself with a helmet not proportionate to the armor, this applies to clones and stomtroopers, but since you have already purchased a armor from Anovos you have to take this risk

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Welcome Stu. Being located in the UK, you can not go wrong with RS and TM. :duim:

As far as I know, RWA also comes from the UK and might be worth checking. Have a look at @CableGuy 's build thread and make sure to also register on the UK forum (if not already done).


For the shadow trooper bucket: you could keep it for display, or sell it to get cash for your armor purchase.


Good luck on your stormtrooper journey. :)

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Hi Stuart,


Welcome aboard. :-)


Some great advice, above. We are lucky to have (in my opinion) the world’s finest armour makers based in the UK.


As mentioned, at the top end you’ve pretty much got RS and Troopermaster. Both are exceptional, just in slightly different ways. Either will offer more accurate products than Anovos so your plan to purchase all in one go gets a thumbs up from me.


If the budget is a little lower, check out RWA Creations and DA Props on Facebook. They both offer excellent value for money and great service. As Tino mentioned, my first suit of armour is RWA and I’ve been very pleased with it.


Make sure you sign up over at www.ukgarrison.co.uk and myself or one of the other TK armourers will be happy to guide you to clearance.


Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :-)



Best wishes


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