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TK11764 Reporting for Duty

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Hello all. I was just approved for basic and I'm really excited to be here.  My costume is ANH. I'm in Central Florida and looking forward to getting past this pandemic so I can join in on trooping.  I've wanted to be a trooper for a while but didn't really know how or any of the background.  The original trilogy came out in theaters when I was kid and I was hooked.  The troopers were the coolest. Lately, I would see the TKs at various events or Disney and that was it. But I was kinda pushed over the edge to join by a photo I saw of 3 members ( Vader and 2 troopers) at a local courthouse during a big adoption event. The photo and story did it. I was on a mission. Making the costume was daunting but fun at the same time. It's better because of the effort put into it. Thanks yo everyone in on this site who helped me along the way! I'm 54 and feel like a kid again.

Long live the Empire.

TK11764 out. 

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Great story Steve and welcome to the FISD. :salute:

8 hours ago, snaketcher said:

(...)   I'm 54 and feel like a kid again.   (...)

That says it all. :jc_doublethumbup:

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