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That's a black Rubies Stormtrooper costume. From what I've heard, it requires serious rework and modifications to get it to spec and lots of folks here would say that the modification process isn't worth it for the price. I'll let people with more knowledge on the matter give you a more definitive answer though.

Edit: I just looked at the link here 

And a brief blurb here sums up what I mentioned earlier:

"Even though the Rubies TK armor is licensed by Lucas Films, it is not acceptable for Legion membership without a LOT of work and putting a LOT more money and time into it. The average price for a Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper Costume is $400USD (305 Euros) to $700USD (535 Euros). But, after you factor in that you will have to purchase a replacement helmet, buy supplies to modify the armor, all this, just to get the Rubies TK armor up to Legion standards. It would be cheaper and easier for you to start with a new armor kit.

There have been a few members that have done Rubies with all the upgrades, but afterwards said they spent a lot of time and money and will be looking into a different suit of armor next."

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